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  1. Dinkleberries

    Issues with ESPN+ Bruins blackouts and VPN

    Let me preface this by saying that I'm not at all technically savvy. I switched to YouTube TV Just before they axed NESN, of course, and missed the bulk of last season. That said, I have an ESPN+ account via the Disney/Hulu/ESPN package and, because Bergeron, I need to have the B's in my life...
  2. Dinkleberries

    RIP MikeF

    I've been lurking with one account or another here since 2000 or 2001 - I was living in Seattle then and terribly homesick. I splurged on the NHL package so that I could follow the Bruins and Bourque in Colorado but was missing out on all of the other Boston teams and found SoSH via Simmons, I...
  3. Dinkleberries

    Bruins Schedule Thread

    I think that I understand the regular season stuff - I have YouTubetv right now and was planning on switching to Fubo so that I can get NESN and watch the bulk of the regular season games there, or on Hulu/ESPN+. I am curious about the playoffs after the first round, though - Fubo doesn't carry...
  4. Dinkleberries

    "We're going to Disney World!" NBA to resume season July 31 at WDW

    Does anyone else feel like "chemistry" is going to be a bigger factor under the circumstances? This team seems to have a great esprit de corps and my sense is that a deep playoff run/championship is more likely for a team like these Celtics. Obviously not something quantifiable, and I don't know...
  5. Dinkleberries

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    They're centering with no real purpose. Shoot the goddamn puck.
  6. Dinkleberries

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

    WTF Pasta.
  7. Dinkleberries

    Game 7 - Bruins v. Blues

  8. Dinkleberries

    Draft Day game thread- storm the TD Garden like it's the Bastille

    There was a stretch of time when I stoped watching the Celtics because, from top to bottom, they were bad. Really bad. I was growing up throughout the Bird years and he retired the year I graduated high school, and we all know how the long, slow decline went and they finally bottomed out with...