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  1. TenCentBeerNight

    A few dumb docking station questions

    I also have the TS3+ and have had great luck with it. I use it with a macbook pro and connect to two monitors, tablet, external SSD, phone charger, webcam and USB microphone. Zero problems in the last 3-4 years. Being able to connect to all of that with a single thunderbolt cable when I...
  2. TenCentBeerNight

    Probably a very simple Excel question

    Your problem is somewhat ill-defined as written I think, which makes it hard to work out an answer. If I understand correctly then what you are saying is that : 1) There will be 4 winners (actually 4 payouts, not necessarily 4 distinct winners), with a total payout of $1000. These payouts...
  3. TenCentBeerNight

    My MacBook air is slow as molasses

    The RAM on a macbook air will be soldered directly to the motherboard, so upgrading it isn't an option I think.
  4. TenCentBeerNight

    Former OU volleyball player sues over exclusion from team

    The ability to maintain a certain asymmetry of belief about the rights of individuals is one of their core skills though.
  5. TenCentBeerNight

    Computer freezes and now D: Drive goes missing.

    Perhaps worth trying to disable the drive in the BIOS instead of physically disconnecting it.
  6. TenCentBeerNight

    All-Potential and All-Disappointment Teams

    Has former Christmas-season-only 3B Andy Marte been eliminated on a technicality? Edit: too slow!
  7. TenCentBeerNight

    Zoom hosts - participants or not?

    Participant limits include the host -- see here. Link is a a Zoom corporate blog post, although about 5 years old.
  8. TenCentBeerNight

    Workman & Hembree to Phillies for Nick PIvetta and Connor Seabold

    David Ortiz was a PTBNL in 1996.
  9. TenCentBeerNight

    Which document camera should I purchase?

    Do you want this so that you can write on a document and live broadcast what you are writing to a class, via Zoom or similar? If it is only documents you want to show, you might consider using something like a Wacom tablet instead. They are super cheap and quite easy to use once you get...
  10. TenCentBeerNight

    Adding external monitors to my iMac

    Not sure if this is helpful, but even though apple claims to support displayport 1.2 they don't support MST (multi-stream transport) as part of that. That means that you can't daisy chain displayport monitors together and will instead need to make a separate connection to each monitor.
  11. TenCentBeerNight

    Should the Red Sox Look into Punto Pt. 2?

    As nice as it is to see the cubic transformation making a comeback on this site, what you are describing is not a cubic function. I think you mean something like a sigmoid.
  12. TenCentBeerNight

    Software for Solving System of 8 Simultaneous Equations

    Julia is also free and will do the same things:
  13. TenCentBeerNight

    Major SOSH Upgrade, November 2015

    I can't see Other Crap. I am happy to cough up when a new system is ready.