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  1. wyatt55

    Vote for Best Red Sox Closer

    GREAT story! But I'm still surprised you voted for Foulke. i know how much you love Koji. An excellent thread a long time ago after 2013 compared Foulke, Paps and Koji's Championship years. Really cool statistical and emotional comparisons. My heart says Foulke and my blood pressure...
  2. wyatt55

    Drove all the way to Houston and back just to watch them lose game 1. Grrrrr. Lupus said it...

    Drove all the way to Houston and back just to watch them lose game 1. Grrrrr. Lupus said it best: Hope you and Carolyn are well.
  3. wyatt55

    Devers called up to Majors

    I picture Bolt stealing second and then, unable to contain his rocket skate-like speed, pasted spread eagle, face first up against the monster, a la Wile E. Coyote. Should've painted a tunnel.
  4. wyatt55

    SJ, My dad was actually born at home on King Street in Bristol, VA, a mile from where the Geico...

    SJ, My dad was actually born at home on King Street in Bristol, VA, a mile from where the Geico Gecko does his commercial. My Uncle & cousin are from Christiansburg. My Uncle James "Buddy" Earp was a Superintendent & Principal in the area. My cousin Jim Earp sells cars at the Nissan...
  5. wyatt55

    The 2017 Lineup

    "And you wouldn't want us exposing ourselves!" - Dr. P. Venkman The Power will come with the better weather and some Fenway love. I'm much more stoked with Moreland's hitting so well to all fields. I had real mixed feelings after watching him up and down here in Texas so long.
  6. wyatt55

    Win Sox Tickets!

    Well done Lee. Enjoyed the article.
  7. wyatt55

    Jerry Remy Signs New Multiyear Deal

    Count me as thinking Remy was easing his way out the door and surprised by the deal. Maybe the multi-year deal is aided by the PR hit of ousting Don. Eh, so shoot me. I like Psycho's analysis. I think his commentary on hitting and all over the diamond defensively is insightful. Moreso in...
  8. wyatt55

    2016 MLB WS Cubs Vs Indians

    From "Theo Epstein grew up two miles from Fenway Park before living his dream of running Boston's front office for nine years. Ultimately, Epstein decided he needed a new challenge, so he went to the Cubs to try to put an end to a championship drought even longer than the 86-year dry...
  9. wyatt55

    Bradley: Deal with It.

    Great quote last night. And Jackie said it with only a hint of "up yours, world". I love this kid. While he does have 136 Ks, his OPS is .860 now. Wow. Combined with only 3 errors in 353 chances. Leading the league in CF assists with 12. T for 4th overall for OF assists, one behind...
  10. wyatt55

    Red Sox Defensive Gifs

    Holt's clearly shocked Bogey got to that. Do any of us truly appreciate how amazing a defensive 2B Dustin Pedroia is? His pick last night was simply absolutelefuggingrigaddamdiculous. Edit - Oh, and he knows to get out of the way...
  11. wyatt55

    Benintendi back on the roster

    Two days after his theft the kid in left Stumbles in the baseline. His crumpled left leg Compels us to beg Please Drew. Please be just fine. I'm trying to feel better about it but . . .
  12. wyatt55

    Hire Farrell? (12/5: 2018 Option Exercised)

    One criterion left out of the Globe article (which you could argue is 4a to this one) "■Does the manager have the backing of the clubhouse and relate well to players to get the most out of them?" is the question: *How well does the Manager handle the constant bright and hot Boston Media and Fan...
  13. wyatt55

    Edro nobilis

    Peter Abraham in the Globe 3/31/16 wrote an article referencing the five day rotation workout schedules for the starters. "an inside look at a starting pitcher's five day routine". A couple years back Red Sox magazine did a great piece on the specific workouts the rotation did and how they...
  14. wyatt55

    Injuries and Depth

    Great discussion point. Any time the Red Sox (and Patriots FWIW) are playing well and I'm questioned about the teams I always reference health. Injuries are the great equalizer and we all know how they can derail a talented team's hopes. See Loretta, Mark first baseman? (Knock, knock). That...
  15. wyatt55

    Dave, is this you? Steve Earp 9729986365

    Dave, is this you? Steve Earp 9729986365
  16. wyatt55

    the 2004 ALCS, ten years later

    Looking at the stats - it's surprising to me that with Leskanic's shoulder hanging by a thread and Foulke on fumes and "all hands on deck", we didn't see Ramiro Mendoza after his weak inning plus in Game 3: Bernie's Single to CF Scoring Sheffield.  Balk, Scoring Matsui. Posada Pop out.  Sierra...
  17. wyatt55

    the 2004 ALCS, ten years later

    The night of ALCS game 3 I was in St Louis visiting with a couple who were my wife's best friends in HS.  I tell the rabid Cards fan husband that I'll probably be a pretty poor guest tonight with the game on and he fully understood.  I was into it as the game see-sawed and then the wheels came...
  18. wyatt55

    Vazquez plays defense, or The New Molina

    On the Sox, me neither. Two things: I haven't seen much discussion of his solid work on tags at the plate. Not blocking it and being athletic enough to receive the ball away and get back to the runner and the plate. (The one whiff excepted of course). While in Dallas for most of the last...
  19. wyatt55

    The offense has been horrible

    I pulled a Harry Doyle last night when I saw the Box score.    "One hit?  That's all we got was one goddamned hit? "   So depressing. 
  20. wyatt55

    Red Sox Deadline Discussion

    Well then.