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  1. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    PTBNLs named in Benintendi/Cordero trade

    Silly knuckleheads. Those of us with knuckles on our fingers knew he needed at least nine but no more than eleven appearances in the minors before he could sniff the show.
  2. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    What does 2023 look like?

    Ah, dang, too bad those teams already have former players who were not stars but have become generally respected managers who each really need a veteran team they can stay ouf of the way of. Maybe we could work out a three-way trade? We get Boone?
  3. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Red Sox acquire SS/3B Adalberto Mondesi for Josh Taylor

    Not a ton of 'tent out there on Angel. Haven't seen in-game defense. Seems to have quick hands and some easy pop by staying short and quick in the zone. (hitting starts around 1:15) Scroll to the fourth pic to watch him go yard in the D.R.
  4. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Noah Song’s baseball fate still In limbo

    Red Sox's Chaim Bloom Not Shocked Top Prospect Noah Song Could Play In 2023 The podcast is linked in the article.
  5. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    What does 2023 look like?

    Reading these comments about the lights you'd think it was 1960 and we are talking about Comiskey Park scoreboard. To answer the thread title: it'll look a bit clearer and brighter, and hopefully that applies to the team on the field, too.
  6. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Red Sox sign Justin Turner

    Justin Turner wanted to re-sign with Dodgers before the plan quickly changed
  7. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Pham just signed with the Mets (1/6, +2m in incentives). Interesting timing - makes you wonder if Sox were in on both Pham and Duvall, and either they or the Mets struck first. I enjoyed Pham's time with us and would have been fine with him in a similar role to what Duvall will do, but I like...
  8. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    The last time Carrabis felt good, X signed in San Diego the next day:
  9. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Triston Casas promoted, Bobby Dalbec demoted

    To the top-right, that's the bat he's tossed towards the dugout. To the left, that's Casas, loudly going "oooo!" (or "no") and being demonstrative about it. This isn't arguing, but it's certainly unbecoming.
  10. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Seeking Info: Old Red Fan Forum Message Boards Circa 2001-2006 Time Frames

    This and live music B+P (blanks & postage) boards were my B&B (bread & butter) way back. One of those moved to an updated and progressive format . . . and in the other, I'm here.
  11. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    A Tip of the Cap to Mr. Castiglione

    Mine was marked by those summer and early fall trips as my family left Yankees territory and drifted into signals I presume originated in Springfield, visiting family in the vast chasm between the two. My father behind the wheel, we'd listen to whatever station was still playing 40's, 50's, and...
  12. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    A Tip of the Cap to Mr. Castiglione

    Tomorrow (Thursday, July 28, 2022) marks 40 years of Joe Castiglione in the booth with the Sox. A pre-game ceremony will celebrate the Voice of the Red Sox, a man who has guided us through the downs, the ups, the downs again, the weirdness of the 90s, extreme highs, Bobby V lows, and heights...
  13. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Report: Mass Mutual has signed a 10-year/$17M a year jersey patch sponsorship

    I really don't mind the patches. Sure, there's a history argument, but the game is the game - it will have no impact on what transpires on the field. As long as I can tell the two teams apart, I'm happy. Kudos to Greenville for the NASCAR theme night but it's a bit insulting for the player...
  14. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    2022 MLB Draft

    Romero it is. 2B of the Future™.
  15. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    2022 MLB Draft

    Short, replicable motion with a great arm slot for a lefty that could really play up if the slider speed tracks the FB. His motion looks like he stops short of ideal follow-through, but he caught my eye in 2020 for how much he hides the ball. Recovering from TJ is obvs the big Q, but his...
  16. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    2022 MLB Draft

    #poststhatagepoorly Collier? Fingers crossed? #poststhatwillagepoorly
  17. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    How to get back in this thing

    It might be time to break out a "How to STAY in this thing" thread. Eck was pushing hard for bullpen arms in the broadcast tonight and I can't blame him. At that moment, Trivino was pitching an effective frame and Eck thought he was someone to go after. I imagine Oakland doesn't want to sell low...
  18. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Mookie details Boston exit

    Maybe that's why it was the first Irish-sounding name I could think of.
  19. TonyPenaNeverJuiced

    Mookie details Boston exit

    I am a Dodgers season ticket holder (first year after going to 40+ last season). Most nights, I listen to the Sox as I arrive at the ballpark and often bring headphones so I can hear the last couple of innings. A huge factor for me was that I get to watch Mookie Betts, in person, most nights...