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  1. Bongorific

    Not Being a Joker, We Need A The Finals Thread

    Maybe Celtics should have played the Time Lord and Al big lineup more. Heat can’t guard Gordon when Bam is tied up with Jokic.
  2. Bongorific

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    My wife couldn’t comprehend this. I was celebrating like a goof and she’s saying, but it says final, they lost.
  3. Bongorific

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    Why did Joe bench Time Lord last few minutes? I know he doesn’t give much offensively but they still had the lead and Jimmy was doing nothing. They put Al on him and he puts Heat ahead on the two fouls.
  4. Bongorific

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    I think he has been wearing an IEM since game 3 directly wired to Belichick.
  5. Bongorific

    The Ringer

    It was great hearing more details about the Casino Rewatchables recording mishaps.
  6. Bongorific

    5/21, Game 3 @Miami

    He could use Kobe being alive.
  7. Bongorific

    Game 1: Come Tomorrow, Wake Up Anew, See the Sun.

    I think he meant to say palms but I definitely heard balls too.
  8. Bongorific

    Only God Can Judge Judge

    I don’t know if he was glancing to see which teammates were chirping so he could scold them later. I don’t know if he was looking to his teammates for a clue as to where the catcher was setting up. I do know this should be a non-story rather than a headline on this morning.
  9. Bongorific

    Pats Schedule Release Video

    Pink Stripes! Ernie and Ivan stole the show.
  10. Bongorific

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    Tatum would be such a better playoff closer if Kobe was alive.
  11. Bongorific

    First time baseball coach

    That’s a cool idea. I’m keeping that in my back pocket for future years. We’ve had a ton of rainouts with the U8 girls rec team. Finally got 4 games in including a double header Saturday. It’s going much better than I expected and it’s awesome how fast the girls are improving. We’ve...
  12. Bongorific

    Shohei Ohtani's future....

    Has Ohtani said that he would consider teams that weren’t on his list when he signed his first deal?
  13. Bongorific

    Game 1 vs. Philadelphia—Just Win

    Why is Smart even in there for that play? I love Marcus, but he shouldn’t be handling the ball on a must score possession off a timeout.
  14. Bongorific

    Game 7 NOTHING EASY - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

    I mean, I’m not even a hockey guy. Haven’t played anything besides parking lot roller hockey. But the lack of adjustments was obvious to my amateur eye. They got beat by the same issues by the same team for a week and a half.