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  1. Oil Can Dan

    5/27 - Weekend At Bernie's

    I want to be reading posts on this game 20 years from now. Please make it happen.
  2. Oil Can Dan

    NFL: News and transactions

    Are they not designating him a post-June 1st cut?
  3. Oil Can Dan

    NFL: News and transactions

    Can't see Philly with Brown & Smith there.
  4. Oil Can Dan

    5/25 - Walking Dead

    I don’t care if your wife is back or your daughter doesn’t have practice on Saturday. We’re gonna need you to leave the house again at the same time. thx in advance.
  5. Oil Can Dan

    When to get excited?

    He was safe by like a foot.
  6. Oil Can Dan

    5/25 - Walking Dead

    I’m still excited.
  7. Oil Can Dan

    When to get excited?

    I am all-in. I believe. Why not them?
  8. Oil Can Dan

    2023 PGA Championship--Oak Hill

    Block’s son sent in that video. Tears all around! What a fucjin moment!!
  9. Oil Can Dan

    Game 1: Come Tomorrow, Wake Up Anew, See the Sun.

    I had to pause the game at halftime as I’m dealing with a sick 7 year old. Feel bad for her but feeling good about the first half. After getting her back to sleep I start the game back up from where I left off but clicked the wrong button and it goes to live action with 27 seconds left in the...
  10. Oil Can Dan

    New NFL TV Deal

    Amen. Then again, if it’s my favorite team and I’m out of market…
  11. Oil Can Dan

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    If that’s not a flagrant then I don’t know what is.
  12. Oil Can Dan

    Game 6: The Beginning of Philly's End

    Philly scoring one basket in the last 5:30 is amazing.
  13. Oil Can Dan

    NFL Schedule Release

    May not be legit but this is out there. If it's correct the Eagles will have seven straight games vs 2022 playoff teams: View:
  14. Oil Can Dan

    Matt Araiza Accused of Gang-Rape at SDSU; Cut by Bills

    Additionally per the article two witnesses at the party said they heard her saying she was 18, and there is video from a different party the previous night of her saying she was 18. Why does this kid deserve to be blackballed from the league?
  15. Oil Can Dan

    Game 3: Celtics@Sixers

    Grant Williams is the fucking man. is it Sunday afternoon yet?