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    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    After his 3 hit explosion last night, Casas has an even 0.700 OPS on the season, good for a WRC+ of 92. His OPS is 23rd among 1B according to the fangraphs leader board. He has an atrociously bad -6.1 defensive runs saved, in contrast to last year where his defense was essentially neutral or...
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    When Is It Okay To Worry About Triston Casas: An Attempt at the Reverse Jinx

    If I'm reading this right on the Fangraphs leaderboard, 0.832 OPS would be the 5th highest among MLB 1B last year, immediately above Jose Abreu and below Nate Lowe. If he's not a complete butcher in the field I think we can be pretty happy with that!
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    Minor league thread 2023

    Go on...
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    2022-23 NBA Game Thread

    Fwiw, here in Sac, I think fans are just genuinely excited for their team to be relevant again. Talk about this team is how much chemistry the team has, how much chemistry the team has with it's fans, and looking to the future, rather than being deluded into thinking the Kang's are title contenders.
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    2023 Rays: It's About Eflin Time

    Noone else threw up in their mouth even a little bit seeing Boggs on that poster? And next to Crawford too. It's like they're taunting Sox fans... Not a Rays fan exactly but I respect their approach to innovation and am looking forward to what they do this year. If the Sox aren't contenders I'd...
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    Spring Training 2023 Thread

    As the resident Bobby Dalbec apologist, I'll say that I haven't heard a single bad thing about his attitude or his work ethic. Time is probably running out for him, but I really hope he's able to make an adjustment to allow him to stick in the majors long term. And hopefully with this team...
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    2023 NFL Coaching Carousel

    Thanks for the backstory JM3 and JohnMD! That all makes sense!
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    2023 NFL Coaching Carousel

    How do you mean. It sounds like AZ just signed a guy that the SB-participant eagles would have paid dearly to keep. I say this not knowing a damn thing about the guy but your inference isn't obvious, to me anyway.
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    Spring Training 2023 Thread

    Our backup SS has MASSIVE powah!
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    Which Batter is More Productive?

    This is a pretty cool thought exercise. We're absent all contextual information, as folks have pointed out, but we're not being asked "who do we prefer" but who was more productive. What we're missing is the definition of "productive" which makes the question unanswerable. However, I'd argue...
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    I'll try to be less lazy in the future. Seems that Abreu is not anticipated to be a CF defensive replacement type. David Hamilton likewise expected to be poor defensively in the IF. Ort does appear to have options remaining. Per and I'm apparently too stoopid to post embedded links.
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Seems like a Durran trade is inevitable. it looks to me like we have depth when it comes to guys who can hit the ball, but we seem, to me, to be lacking in defensive replacement types, especially in in the OF. A trade for Kim or a different strong MI type that frees up Kike for CF really would...
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    Red Sox do not sign Yuli Gurriel

    Dalbec is the incumbent SS.
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    That’s my quarterback!……or is he?

    Would we trade Mac for Zach Wilson, straight up? I haven't watched Wilson play a single game but it's not often you have the opportunity to actually do a QB re-draft!
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    Yeah strategy was absolutely the wrong word for me to use there. It just seems like a waste of energy to be wishing we were handing out monster contracts to guys who will be hurt or old in 4 years. I need a new hobby.
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    The strategy was clearly defined as trying to establish a sustainable championship caliber team. The best years of these contracts are the first few years. If we're more than a few players away from being legit sustainable contenders, there's no point in purchasing top of the market players...
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    Carlos Correa and the Giants agree on a 13-year, $350m deal

    Yeah, I'm starting to see the logic but it still is wild. Figure Correa gets paid $50M for 2 years, $45M for 2 years, $35M for 2 years, $25M for 2 years, you're at $290M for the maybe productive years of the contract (8 years). $60M deferred, to be paid over the final 5 years of the contract...
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    Poll: Who Will Play the Most Games at Shortstop for the '23 Red Sox?

    Bobby Dalbec, SS. This is the correct answer.
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    Celtics sign Al Horford to a 2-year extension

    Fully admitting that I don't know anything about the X's and O's of basketball, my observation is that as a coach, Stevens demonstrated what I would consider to be the perfect skill set for a rebuilding GM. He has that famous Bill Belichick ability to understand what a player can and can't do...
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    Offseason 2022-23 MLB Thread

    With full deference to any medical experts on the board, isn't decreased velocity in the first year of returning to the mound pretty typical of TJS recovery for MLB pitchers? And what's the saying.... There's no such thing as a bad one-year deal? I'd have been fine with the Red Sox making that...