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  1. LogansDad

    Curse of the NL Central

    Spencer Steer is a professional hitter, as well. Benson, Fraley, Friedl is a not terrible outfield.
  2. LogansDad

    Curse of the NL Central

    This Reds team is young, but they aren't awful. Losing to them isn't embarrassing or anything. Losing to them by playing terrible defense, making dumb baserunning mistakes, and walking the bases loaded before throwing a pitch I could put in play and allowing a backbreaking Grand Slam, however...
  3. LogansDad

    Curse of the NL Central

    Too soon, man.
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    6/1 vs The Mediocre Red Machine... C'mon, let's turn this thing around!!!

    I love this team. I am a big fan of the players on it, both the personalities and the way they play. I think they could (and should) be a playoff contender for the entire season, even if my 97 in the wins prediction thread was largely tongue in cheek. The Reds don't stink as much as people...
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    Last Day of May -- Reds

    Fucking hell that went sour fast.
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    There is a lot of parity this year. Then there's the Braves, Rays and Orioles. Then there's Oakland and Kansas City, at least one of which is sucking on purpose.
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    This is some kind of team wide funk. Crikey.
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    He really needs to figure his shit out. This can be a good team, but it isn't going to be with him batting below .240.
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    "Weirdly bad" is a strange way of spelling "abysmal"
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

    You had to throw it 20 feet, dude.
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    May 30th -- Redlegs at Boston

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    May MLB News

    It's being discussed in V&N, Trevor Williams, too.
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    Only God Can Judge Judge

    I adore him, and I hate myself for it.
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    Stanley Cup Final

    This would be a fascinating matchup to me if it weren't for the whole "I am still pissed off about the Bruins" aspect of it all.
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    May MLB Thread

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    Conference Finals

    Absolute destruction.
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    5/29 - The Last Of Us

    Good luck tonight guys.
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    Marcelo Mayer, and his gorgeous hair, drafted by Sox / 4 Overall

    I haven't done a deep dive, but I feel like AA is where a lot of teams are sending their prospects for final seasoning until they are ready for the call. There is an absurd talent gap between A/A+ and AA right now, and it seems like that is the level where a lot of the non-prospects are getting...
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    What does 2023 look like?

    For some of us, 2010 is recent. It's the only way we keep from feeling very, very old.
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    Bruins Offseason

    The slow motion part of it was what hurts the most, I think. It was like torture.