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    The Celtics Offseason

    I'm not sure how much I want to start re-tooling the roster behind Tatum & Brown, but if they do shake it up I like this outline. Rob Williams is great but the reliability is an issue and the special 2021-22 version of him looks like it was a flash. Meanwhile Marcus is getting high mileage, and...
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    The Celtics Offseason

    I mean you could've just read what I wrote after the bolded. I wasn't referring to what he has sacrificed this year. You're complaining that they've been at this for 6 years. Well, 5 years ago, in what could have been a huge break out year 3, Jaylen took a cut in minutes AND shots for Gordon...
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    The Celtics Offseason

    You don't have to, but I think you'd be really hard pressed to find a better alternative. The main issue might be our expectations. They haven't been at it for 6 years like that. The 2018 Cinderella run to the ECF makes it feel like it's been forever, but this group didn't really become the...
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    Matt Araiza Accused of Gang-Rape at SDSU; Cut by Bills

    I think it was... and, are we that concerned about preserving the honor of Aaron Rodgers here? Araiza has been somewhat cleared, so what Rodgers is being lumped into is a bit ambiguous at this point... but it's totally "logic" he would use.
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    There was another small moment in the 4th, game pretty much in hand but not quite, when the defense got sloppy and no one picked up Butler full court and he ran straight down the lane for a dunk. Both Jays were getting back to protect the basket, just to turn for a front row view of Jimmy at the...
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    Celtics vs Heat ECF Redux Discussion Thread

    No, this was happening yesterday, a lot. Spiraling in a must win game for your season and they were unorganized with switches then would give token close outs like it was a December game. It was the main thing that has me thinking this may be the players quitting on the coach. I've been a huge...
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    2022-2023 General Celtics thread

    Very well put with the last line. The game was largely decided by the Celtics going 1-12 in the 1st quarter and 2/19 in the 1st half from deep. It seems strange to point to a lack of adjustments when they played the 2nd half even, and it stayed a competitive game until late despite such a...
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    Payton Pritchard: Season Savior

    I think this is the crux of it, he's a good player but he just doesn't seem to be good enough to fill the 3rd small guard role on a true Contender. I like Pritchard a lot too but I think it's more than just the size/switch everything issue at this point. He was really exposed in the Finals...
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    Bill Belichick and his decision making: Have we learned anything?

    No offense, Salva, but this isn't how "the rest of the football-observing universe" sees it. The FOB narrative you're trying to advocate is a straight Felgerism, and I'm someone who actually enjoys listening to the clowns for entertainment. The Friend of Bill stuff ignores the fact that the NFL...
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    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    I think this might be something intentional on Mazzulla/the team's part. I agree that it's something to be monitored as the season progresses, hopefully we won't see Tatum being used like this as much in April. But if one of the issues last year was Tatum's endurance, is there any better way...
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    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC

    I've seen this a number of times now, the idea that people weren't in love with BOB's offense at Bama. I've also read about how Alabama has THEIR offense, and the OCs that cycle through learn it to reduce turnover of the playbook, as we've heard about Mac's time working with him. So I'm really...
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    Best Celtics Place in NBA History

    All of the above there with Kobe. Recency bias, the tragedy, and especially the Rings. It blows my mind so many younger people view Kobe>Lebron, but it does all come down to winning. Kobe's 5 still bests Lebron's 4, in a way it's a modern day Wilt vs Russell. The rings feed the cultural impact...
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    Well that sounds like some bias. The second I saw Schefter, I noted that he was wide eyed like he had seen a ghost, and was borderline turning green. He seemed to entirely understand and appreciate the weight of the situation. And was vocal with the other two soon into the situation that the...
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    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    Booger, Schefter, Suzy Kolber, and Joe Buck all maintained pretty amazing composure given the situation. It felt like the league was trying to continue just based on their commentary at one point, it seemed like they were pleading for the game to be canceled. Buck keeping it going and giving...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 17 vs Miami

    Hell I'll give Mac a game ball just for buying in for a full game without throwing a tantrum at Patricia. He had some good throws yesterday. He got the ball up 2 points with 10 minutes left and drove 11 plays and 89 yards and took advantage of an opportunity to hit Meyers on an ad libbed throw...
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    Marcus Jones role going forward

    Yeah I'm not a fan of the free safety idea. He's too small and too valuable elsewhere. He might have the ability to play the position but he'd be at a disadvantage at 5'8" and if we don't want him getting too many touches on offense we also shouldn't want him seeing that much action in the...
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    That’s my quarterback!……or is he?

    The refs had been whistling the play dead for a good 3 seconds. Besides the fact it was 10 yards behind the play with no bearing on it at all... The dead play. That's pretty cheap.
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    Marcus Jones role going forward

    I knew he had played every snap against Las Vegas, didn't realize until just now that he played 67 (89%) against Arizona the week prior, and now 75 (90%) against Cinci. Really impressive. I know he's been beat at times but if he can also play defensively it will be interesting to see where he...
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    Let's say BB stays on until he retires. What does that mean for the franchise?

    Voluntarily giving up the ball there, by tossing it over your shoulder behind you, is beyond braindead. They're both different kinds of stupid, but they're certainly comparable. Edit: I'm on the same page with whatever poster earlier gave Jakobi *some* excuse for probably be confused AF to...
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    Let's say BB stays on until he retires. What does that mean for the franchise?

    The coach took crap more because they also had a time out which the coach could have himself called. This thread is totally off the rails with 2 people game threading.