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    Greatest play in Patriots History?

    In terms of the greatest example of the principles of sport, my pick is the Watson forced fumble in the Denver playoff game. They lost the game. The refs blew the call. Man, though, that combination of athleticism and will to win in the face of defeat was awesome...
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    Is the NBA star system broken? If so, can it be fixed?

    I think the biggest factor in accelerated player movement is players' emerging preference to sign up for shorter term deals. It's sort of the modern twist on Charlie Finley's proposal at the onset of MLB free agency to limit all contracts to only one year, so then everyone would be free agents...
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    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    The Worcester Hot Weiner Transplants. To save money, they could use the same hats...
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    RIP, Dr. Z

    My favorite writer as a kid...
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    Tennis 2018

    Nice article from Sally Jenkins about the terrible umpiring in yesterday's match...
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    Tennis 2018

    Also, why didn't Osaka get a racket abuse call when she slammed her racket down after getting broken earlier in the set? And why din't her coach get a coaching warning when he told her to smile and then she smiled? These are subjective decisions, and the ump made his decisions consistently in...
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    Tennis 2018

    It became a huge issue when the chair umpire gave her opponent a free game in the second set. This is a huge advantage. It's hard enough to break serve once, but whatever chance you have at that point got cut in half.
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    Tennis 2018

    The chair umpire ruined this match. Osaka would've won anyway, I think, but the coaching penalty and the thief penalty were both unnecessary and detrimental to the viewing experience. That is what the umpire will need to own for the rest of his life as his career falls apart.
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    That's the Spurs' risk. The risk to Kawhi is that they send him home if he doesn't give his best. If he does give his best, they get Kawhi at his best (and maybe they win a ring). Even if that's only for one year, it's better than the pu pu platter that usually amounts to the return when...
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    Jurassic World 3: Where the Dinosaurs have Quad Injuries and Hate Their Shoe Deals

    If I were the Spurs, I would not trade him. If he refuses to play, that would be potential career suicide. How many players other than Jordan have come back to an elite level without playing for 2 years?
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk 15 @ Broncos

    As for top 3 RBs ever, how 'bout the 1987 Oklahoma State trio of Thurman Thomas, Barry Sanders, and whoever the next one was?
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    When I heard Palmer's comments, I inferred that he was annoyed with how Deflategate affected him. I imagine a lot of players are annoyed that their union wasted tons of the players' money getting squished by the NFL on this issue, but it's a big no-no to criticize your union in public. If...
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    I wanted to post a link to a well-written article about Aaron Hernandez's brother, but I became even more interested in the fact that there is no thread here about Crazy. What used to be the bible of sports journalism has become an internet backwater. The link to the story is...
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    TB Suspension: Cheater free to play again

    The fact that there is no proof of any kind for any deflation during the AFC Championship Game is the reason there should be no punishment. The balls were not measured with any accuracy at all, and the NFL passed along their measurement numbers as accurate and proof of deflation. This is...
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    Why Do I Continue to Read Peter King?

    This is a nice tribute to a football writer I always enjoyed. Hard to imagine living this way...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    For me, this whole thing has killed my Super-Bowl-winning buzz.  When your team wins it all, especially after coming so close and losing the last 2 times they went, it should feel like an extended party.  You get to tease your buddies who are fans of other teams and focus on offseason stories...
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    After BB and Tom ride off into the sunset...

    I don't know what I'll do when they leave, but I know what I'm doing now. I just resigned from my fantasy football leagues. I'll watch the Pats, but I'm done with the rest of the league until Roger's gone. No fantasy football will make it a lot easier to avoid watching this league's product.
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    What reasonable rule changes would you propose to increase offense in MLB?

    I would love any rule change that discourages walks.  Call me a baseball infidel, but the walk is the least exciting positive play for offense in sports, with the possible exceptions of the extra point in football and free throws in basketball.  I would love to see incentives for batters to...
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    It's that time of year when like me and two other guys talk about Stanford Football

    Beat down!  Should I buy my plane ticket to LA for Jan 6 yet?