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  1. Skiponzo

    5/19 When You're Here, You're Family

    I don't root for injuries but will take them when they benefit my team. Couldn't have happened to a better person. I'll be there all weekend cheering on the boys from Boston!
  2. Skiponzo

    Is Connor Wong a starting catcher?

    No love for Rich Gedman?
  3. Skiponzo

    Kevin Youkilis to be NESN's primary color analyst on Red Sox broadcasts in 2023

    I like WMB and Youk but they lack "something" that I cannot place a finger on....I am fully on board the Merloni train. I think Lou offers some good insights and doesn't seem afraid to call out things as he sees them...good or bad. OB though adequate is a tough listen, especially since I'm in SD...
  4. Skiponzo

    Beat The Clock

    I believe this is partly true...we all likely need to recondition ourselves as to what visual clues to look for from the ump, but from the limited ST games I've seen they are also not very demonstrative in pointing it out.
  5. Skiponzo

    Let's Predict the 2023 Red Sox Season

    84-78 Miss WC3 by 3 games or less. -Team leader in Wins? SALE -Team leader in Saves? JANSEN -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? WHITLOCK -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? YOSHIDA -Team leader in HR? DEVERS -Team leader in Stolen Bases? STORY -Team leader in HBP? TURNER -Player who...
  6. Skiponzo

    Youth Pitching Arm Care

    I tried to attach some documents here that show my sons program but I could not in this format so I sent you a DM.
  7. Skiponzo

    Cavalry Candidates

    I'd buy him a slice of pizza...if he spotted me $5.
  8. Skiponzo

    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top: The Man is Non-stop

    That's IT! I've been thinking for awhile about who he reminds me of when he gets into the lane. I kept going to the Iceman but it just wasn't right. AE is the guy he reminds me of....Thanks!
  9. Skiponzo

    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    I think that difference is a good call. "If everything goes right" to me means that they contend for the playoffs "IEGR"...not necessarily be a WS contender. At this point in my life and with so much success over the past 20 years I'm content with a competitive team that has their ducks in a row...
  10. Skiponzo

    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    Completely understand this POV and it IS frustrating....especially while watching during the season. I believe that "if everything goes right" they can contend this year (that is of course pending the completion of the team this offseason) as they could have last year "if everything went right"...
  11. Skiponzo

    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    This is where I am just seems pretty clear to me that this is what they are trying to the foundation correctly while continuing to paste over the "holes in the walls" until the foundation can support and sustain long term success. It's just a tough process to play out in an...
  12. Skiponzo

    my guess for the week 18 sch

    I think the way it will end up playing out is the league plays this weekend as normally scheduled. The Bills/Bengals then play a Thursday night game on the 12th. All playoffs get pushed back one week (eliminating the week off between AFC/NFC CGs and SuperBowl) so you end up with all playoff...
  13. Skiponzo

    Franco Harris dies

    Same feelings here. Grew up in western MA (Pittsfield) but the Pats sucked in the mid-late 70s and I've been a Steeler fan my whole life. I still have my old 32 jersey from when I was a teen. Franco was not only an icon for Pittsburgh but for the entire NFL. What an ambassador and just a huge...
  14. Skiponzo

    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    Just as interested as any year and I've been an ardent fan since the late 70's. I'm guessing that the level of interest has a lot to do with where people are in their "real" lives. When my kids were little (19/16 now) it was hard to break out enough time to watch a lot....I still did but not...
  15. Skiponzo

    Thank You X

    Best of luck X. I'll be watching from the stands in SD...if the Sox don't win I hope you can bring a title to Padres fans. Thanks for everything, most of all for being a class act and terrific example for my 16 y/o HS player.
  16. Skiponzo

    Red Sox sign Kenley Jansen

    One of my favorite family memories was when Koji came in to close out the 2013 World Series. As they came back from commercial, and showed Koji warming up, my then 6 year old son turns to me (I can vividly see this happening) and says "It's about to get really loud in here." Even a 6 year old...
  17. Skiponzo

    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    Bogie: 6-$150. Maybe a games played incentive of some sort to get it to 7-$175 but I'd want to also be sure to have the "moving off short" conversation up front. Devers: 10-$320 or 8-$280 take your pick.
  18. Skiponzo

    (t)PSRT - (temporary) Post-Season Rooting Transference

    I have a friend that works for the Padres and is in the clubhouse most games. He says Manny is very good with the Latin players, they all look up to him, but he has a bit of an issue with others so many do not view him in that same light.
  19. Skiponzo

    (t)PSRT - (temporary) Post-Season Rooting Transference

    It's partly my belief that he began the end to Pedroia's career and mostly my personal experience of watching him be a, let's say, not so nice a person (stepping on 1B feet, sliding hard with spikes up, etc. etc.)
  20. Skiponzo

    (t)PSRT - (temporary) Post-Season Rooting Transference

    Interesting. That is def not my take and I go to about 20 games a year. They guy was an A$$ in Baltimore then comes here and one of the first games I see with my then 13 year old he blows off a popup off 3rd and when the fans get on him a little he waves his hand at us like "I don't care what...