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  1. BigMike

    Bob Myers stepping down as Warriors GM

    Fair enough, and I thought Wiseman was going to be at worst a Timelord type guy.
  2. BigMike

    2023 PGA $ League Add Drop #2

    need to send vegas a question first
  3. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    So that means if the Celtics were willing to offer the SM, Jaylen needs to walk away from 8-9 million dollars per season to play anywhere else.
  4. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    So is this specific to Brooklyn, or is this true for any team that might trade for JB?
  5. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    Yes, and Bridges isn't broken down and injured on a consistent basis etc. Look i think both players are top 30 players in the NBA moving forward, and despite his second team all NBA, I am not a believer that Brown is going to be a top 10 guy consistently. And Bridges will cost 35 million...
  6. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    Honestly Brooklyn would be nuts to make that deal. Brown is more talented than Bridges, but overall I'd put Bridges at 85-90% of Brown. Oneale is ok, and you give up a pick, for the right to pay Jaylen 70 million more than Bridges over the next 3 years. It doesn't make the Nets contenders...
  7. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    But who is going to give up a real third banana , especially one with grit for 40 games a year from TL, and a declining Smart? Especially where TL 2023, does not remotely look like the TL from 2022 postseason . Basically you are reversing and trying to throw our quarters in to try and get a...
  8. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    Without an extension agreement in place, I can't begin to imagine Cleveland doing that.
  9. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    Smart for John Collins? do whatever to balance out. Atlanta has wanted him gone for years. Atlanta could use Smart's attitude and edge. Not sure Collins saves this team, but he is a fine 4th/5th best player on a team. Actually if Brown says he wants gone, I was wondering if...
  10. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    He is a restricted FA this summer
  11. BigMike

    The Celtics Offseason

    Al Horford aged in dog years since last postseason. I think he can still have a roll on this team, but it is more of a character guy in the locker room who comes in and plays 10-12 minutes on the floor, with other nights he doesn't play. He is just old to be counted on as a key rotation piece...
  12. BigMike

    2023 Tennis

    Raducanu is also out of the French Open, and Wimbledon due to surgery for bone spurs apparently on both wrists, and a cleanup on her ankle.
  13. BigMike

    2023 NBA Playoffs

    Lebron steals the ball. And misses the layup
  14. BigMike

    2023 NBA Draft: Wem! Ban! Thank You Yam!

    Glad it's not Detroit or Houston. Portland jumping up a couple could put them a significant level up in terms of players. Charlotte I guess has to go Scoot and figure out if he and Ball can play together
  15. BigMike

    What NBA rules would you change?

    We are of the same mind, the court is way to small for the size of todays players. I know it will never happen but 10 feet longer maybe 5-8 feet wider, move the 3pt line back a few feet.
  16. BigMike

    NY minor league prospect news (2023 edition)

    Oddly looks like Domiguez has been as bad as Jones has been good
  17. BigMike

    2023 Masters

    Brooks in some trouble now, could lose a couple strokes to Rahm here (of course we never saw where he finished)
  18. BigMike

    2023 Masters

    Missed by so much it was a relatively easy shot (well for pros)
  19. BigMike

    2023 Masters

    That Koepka drive had to be about as far left as I have ever seen. Hopefully it costs him a stroke or so.