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  1. TheBenzingerGame

    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    Upon hearing the news today, I immediately wondered if (a) someone in the front office had seen this video and (b) how quickly this video would appear here on SoSH: View:
  2. TheBenzingerGame

    New Euro Super league to be announced Sunday

    From the Athletic: Jordan Henderson calls emergency meeting between Premier League captains on Wednesday This ought to be interesting.
  3. TheBenzingerGame

    New Euro Super league to be announced Sunday

    What a spectacular FU picture they found to accompany that quote.
  4. TheBenzingerGame

    NBA Top Shot

    Did you already sell off your Rising Stars pack? I’ve been holding mine to see if the Maledon winds up being part of a coming challenge. Looks like his value has settled into the mid $500s, which would still put me ahead...but I get the sense that value could triple if and when the relevant...
  5. TheBenzingerGame

    NBA Top Shot

    Got one! There were around 2,000 left when my turn popped up. I pulled Theo Maledon as the rare Rising Star, and I have no idea what it’ll be worth. Also got a LE Giannis with a serial number around #500, which looks like it *could* be worth four figures. Also got a Donovan Mitchell, a...
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    NBA Top Shot

    I've got 31,392 ahead of me. Seems like good news...
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    NBA Top Shot

    Ah, got it - thanks!
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    NBA Top Shot

    I managed to create an account between the outages last night, and then grabbed a single moment as required earlier today. So I believe I'm all set to try and jump in line for the drop today. Any tips on how best to get through? Should I go with an ethernet connection to maximize speed? Hop on...
  9. TheBenzingerGame

    Rename the Red Sox AAA Team!

    And somehow they missed Heartworms as an option?
  10. TheBenzingerGame

    Throwing in technological towels

    They're probably moving towards delivering DirecTV via 5G, no?
  11. TheBenzingerGame

    Chargers will stay in San Diego for 2016 season

    The two times each year when the visitors are from the other conference, sure.
  12. TheBenzingerGame

    Red Sox Deadline Discussion (nothing is credible) thread

      I don't think that would require a rule change, per se...
  13. TheBenzingerGame

    The Iggy-Peavy Trade Regurgitated

      Hi, I'm Jake Peavy. You may remember me from...
  14. TheBenzingerGame

    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Well, they could do that... or they could update the rule to read: "The game-worthiness of all footballs at all times will be left to the discretion of the referee."   If we've learned anything here, isn't it that none of this matters a goddamn bit? If a ball is actually deflated, in the...
  15. TheBenzingerGame


      I did. Literally. How did you know?   I bought a case of 12 of these on eBay for like $29.99, with the intention of handing them out to friends to mark momentous life events.
  16. TheBenzingerGame

    WS Game 7!

    That play by Panik was a 1.7 run shift in run expectancy. Would be great to have Kapler in the booth to actually add something like that to the broadcast.
  17. TheBenzingerGame

    The 2004 World Series: Ten Years Later

    Holy shit, I'd forgotten that Scott Stapp sang "God Bless America" in Game 4. Oof, St Louis.
  18. TheBenzingerGame

    Weird time for US Open Mens Final

      I'm sure it's because of Monday Night Football. I agree that it's an awkward time and blows for tennis fans (of which I am one), but this is the world we live in.