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  1. waffles.

    5/23 Angels

    Going tonight! Our first game of the year and the kids are pumped. Let's go!
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    5/5/2023 Boston @ Philadelphia

    I'm listening on the radio, speculation is a fan? Word is it is a fan who fell over and into the bullpen. Ian Browne (@IanMBrowne) tweeted at 4:13 PM on Fri, May 05, 2023: A fan fell over and into the bullpen, NESN's Tom Caron just reported through Kiké Hernández. ( View...
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    5/5/2023 Boston @ Philadelphia

    Verdugo is out of the starting lineup. Anything to worry about here with back-to-back days off?
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    5/4/2023 Toronto @ Boston - "Broom shakalaka!"

    Damn, this team is FUN to watch. Yoshida is smoking the ball.
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    Round 1, Game 5 - Panthers at Bruins.

    Jealous as hell of you that are there. Have a blast.... it's going to be rocking.
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    Round 1, Game 5 - Panthers at Bruins.

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    4/25- Glory Days?

    Double that and I'll be slightly confident with Kluber out there!
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    4/25- Glory Days?

    I keep forgetting these are early starts. Is that an Orioles thing?
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    Round 1, Game 3 - Bruins at Panthers. For Papa Patrice.

    LFG. Win this one for Bergeron!
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    March/April MLB News

    Iglesias opted out of his Marlins deal. View:
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    4/20 at Fenway: Smoke ‘em!

    Ask and ye shall receive.
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    4/19 The Twins are still in town

    Freaking Kluber.
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    4/18 The Twins come to town

    Even when they make the world series
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    Game 1: Panthers @ Bruins

    Hell yeah lets get it.
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    Game 1: Panthers @ Bruins

    Let's go Bruins! Pumped for NHL playoffs.
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    March 30, Year of our Pedro 2023, OPENING DAY

    Initially I hated that strike zone graphic but I've gotten used to it. NESN needs to bring it back.
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    Trevor Story has a small hairline fracture near his wrist.

    Yeah, I didn't realize he was rehabbing either. 3/3 now with a HR time to bring him up.
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Haha, I'm just pleased with the velocity.
  19. waffles.

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Damn. It's hard not to get excited looking at a line like that. When are they aiming to call him up?
  20. waffles.

    Franchy Cordero recalled to the major league team

    Some things will always be funny. Watching him round the bases was great, thanks for posting these.