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  1. TeddyBallgame9

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    I remember at one point thinking he was good. He was not.
  2. TeddyBallgame9

    5/10: Drop the Chop

    As to the culture shock, it’s been an awesome experience. Getting out of LA was the best thing for us. We traded in 1/2 acre for 10 acres so plenty of room for the horses, dogs and goats. Everyone is very friendly and we don’t catch much shit for our liberalism.[
  3. TeddyBallgame9

    5/10: Drop the Chop

    Just paid $62. I am a rube.
  4. TeddyBallgame9

    5/10: Drop the Chop

    Thanks for the tip. We recently moved to Ringgold, GA from LA and we don't know fuck all about Atlanta!
  5. TeddyBallgame9

    5/10: Drop the Chop

    Mrs. Ballgame and I will be in attendance. Please do not suck.
  6. TeddyBallgame9

    5/9: Red Sox v Braves Round 1

    I’m blacked out from MLB.TV so at least I can’t watch. Already questioning my decision to attend tomorrow nights game.
  7. TeddyBallgame9

    Vida Blue, dead at 73

    Was just going to post the same thing! I was the only kid with a blue glove in my first year of Little League.
  8. TeddyBallgame9

    5/2/2023 Toronto @ Boston - "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot"

    That no other announcer has said ever.
  9. TeddyBallgame9

    5/2/2023 Toronto @ Boston - "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot"

    What the fuck, exactly, is a “twisting flyball”? OB says this all the time and it drives me fucking crazy.
  10. TeddyBallgame9

    5/1/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    I’d much prefer feeding him hay than him feeding meatballs.
  11. TeddyBallgame9

    5/1/2023 Toronto @ Boston

    Jesus, went to feed the horses and goats up 2.
  12. TeddyBallgame9

    Hurling (non alcohol-induced)

    My GGGF was born in County Offaly in 1812. Maybe we're related! When I did the pilgrimage to the town he was born in, Ferbane (or Féar Bán as my tattoo written), there were 2 streets, 4 pubs, and a sporting goods store where I purchased Faithful jerseys for me and my brother.
  13. TeddyBallgame9

    How Many of the Red Sox Managers of Your Lifetime do you have a Visceral Hatred for?

    Don Zimmer, and it’s not even close. He did the least with the most and did it consistently for five years. ‘78 was an abomination. His mishandling of… everything was quite possibly the single worst managing year in the history of baseball. Valentine was a clown, Hobson managed a team with very...
  14. TeddyBallgame9

    2021 ALDS, CHW VS HOU

    Is it just me or is the crowd noise incredibly loud on the audio feed? I can barely hear AJP spout wisdom.
  15. TeddyBallgame9

    Your top "forgot he was a Red Sox"

    Speaking of guys who hit four HRs in a game, Mark Whiten hit one in his half year with the sox.
  16. TeddyBallgame9

    RIP Tom Seaver

    Was at a Yankee Stadium for his 300th win when he was with the White Sox. Growing up in NJ I watched a lot of Mets games and when he pitched it was always must see on channel 9 with Lindsey Nelson, Bob Murphy and Ralph Kiner. Still think the Sox win in ‘86 if he was healthy enough to pitch in...
  17. TeddyBallgame9

    How much have you watched so far?

    I've been doing my usual, sit out on the pool deck playing ball with the dogs and "watching" on my iPad. They're playing horribly but Eck and Remy are fantastic and entertaining.
  18. TeddyBallgame9

    who would win between the

    Pretty sure the OP was referring to the 2018 Red Sox.
  19. TeddyBallgame9

    1975 World Series re-watch

    I’ve always felt this way. I was SOOO pumped when the Sox got Seaver for the stretch run and had convinced myself he would be The Difference, age be damned.