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    Pats Schedule Release Video

    Decent idea, but tough to pull off. Athletes are usually pretty bad actors. This...was no exception.
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    NFL Schedule Release

    Specific gameplay impacts aside, Adam Schefter revealed some extremely interesting details about how network games will be aired this season: View: NFL will have a Black Friday game for the first time ever. Games don’t necessarily...
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    2023 Draft Fits

    I think the Pats will draft for need and still get a tremendous player. The lure of cheap QB, EDGE and WR will leave at least one top pick at a position of need: OT, CB or S. My guess is the top safety will drop, and we'll hear Brian Branch's name, delivered to the podium by Devin McCourty.
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    Round 1 - Florida

    For those trying to sort out why the B's ended up short-handed post-melee, here's the breakdown: 16:49 Derek Forbort Roughing against Matthew Tkachuk served by Taylor Hall 16:49 Derek Forbort Fighting against Brandon Montour 16:49 Linus Ullmark Misconduct served by David...
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    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC

    It won't be far off. Daniel Jones had a pretty good rookie year, two sub-par seasons, and then a pretty good 4th year. That turned out to be worth $92M guaranteed.
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    NFL Free Agency Game Thread: Rumors! News! Uneducated Guesses!

    I would have loved OBJ (LT, not WR) on this Pats team, but even at a significant bump in guarantees or contract cash from NE, I doubt Brown would have chosen us over CIN. They can now use their 1st rounder on an RB (perhaps the first one taken in 2023 - not a great RB class) to backfill the...
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    2023 Jets: Rodgers wants to fly like a Jet

    Absolutely agreed, which is why they'll want picks from NYJ to help with that rebuilding process. However, they will have Jordan Love, who seemed to do pretty well last year in relief and has his own financial future to consider (so has every reason to go balls-out even when rebuilding), so it's...
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    2023 Jets: Rodgers wants to fly like a Jet

    Rogers has all the leverage here. He goaded GB into extending him for 3Y/$150M, most of which was bonus money. If he retires, that bonus immediately accelerates on to the cap (remember Gronk?), costing them $60M on this year's cap, and they get nothing in return. If he's traded to NYJ, that...
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    That matches up pretty well with Spotrac's assessment, . Average RT gets paid $6.5M. At this time, 31 players are listed, no Patriots at this time. Interestingly, LT is the highest average pay across all positions, coming in at $9.5M. QBs are currently...
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    2023 Pats: Offseason

    Could they do that today? They signed Anderson for depth, but as of right now, he's the starting RT. They're surely better off with Trent Brown at RT, so the need remains at LT. Orlando Brown Jr. is clearly the domino that remains to topple. If they're able to get him, it's: Sign Orlando Brown...
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    NFL: News and transactions

    So gross. "Boys will be boys" mentality, with moneyed coverups at the personal, corporate and legal levels, made worse by the Browns giving him All The Money.
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    Goodbye Gruden and ongoing Snyder investigation discussion

    I knew Arthur Smith was the FedEx magnate's son, but hadn't dug into his career path, which is really fascinating. ESPN did a gushy report on his rise a couple of years ago, talking about how he forged a path separate from his father. This does not bear much scrutiny. He went from Georgetown...
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    Tim McCarver has passed away

    My moniker is direct from McCarver's mangling of Nomar's last name on broadcasts. Buck would always nail it, and McCarver would try to avoid saying it, but when he did, it was in a hurry. Still had his color commentator fastball in those early 00's playoff runs, a real legend of the game.
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    In-season NBA news thread

    One of the weirder crossovers, "Roundball Rock" was recently used for between segment promotions on...AEW Dynamite, WWE's erstwhile competition in pro wrestling. I think they've stopped using it, because it was so odd compared to the typical rock and rap tracks they would use.
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    Super Bowl LVII - Chiefs vs Eagles in Glendale

    Indeed, the QB scramble that set up the eventual game winning FG is marred by an obvious hold on 92 by 62, as Mahomes runs by: View: ...but since the refs weren't calling offensive holding on either team all game long, it should have been a wash. Instead...
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    Whine about not having NFL games.

    I cleaned house (good), went for a run (ugh) and watched ep4 of Last of Us. Ep3 was as wonderful as everyone says, but ep4 returned back to what feels much more like standard Walking Dead-level stuff - not bad, but well-trodden apocolyptic ground. The NHL all-star break timing coinciding with...
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    Tom Brady is retiring

    When you look at 4,694 yards, ~67% completion, 25 TDs to only 9 INTs as a BAD know you're the GOAT. It'll be fascinating to see if he moves to the booth or the studio. The latter would be much easier work (and could rightly kick Terry Bradshaw to the curb, a win/win for all of us)...
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    2023 NFL Coaching Carousel

    And it's now official, Ryans to Houston.
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    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC

    We should be thrilled if BOB gets a HC shot elsewhere, because it naturally means he's succeeded here in NE once again. The descriptions of BOB as "Teapot" by Brady and Hoyer amuses me, but I'll take a guy who knows what he's doing and occasionally yells vs. mumbly Matty.
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    Celebrating what is

    For non-SBs, I'm always gonna go with the Baltimore 2014 divisional game. All the trickery, all the intrigue. Just a fantastic game. View: