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  1. cournoyer

    4/18 The Twins come to town

    Sale looking good right now. Also, can someone explain the origin of "sweeper" instead of slider or slurve? It's almost as bad as calling a fastball a swifty
  2. cournoyer

    Chad Finn: Underrated

    That's kind of a weird instinct. The argument could be made that without Dave Cullinane, neither the Mazz comments a few weeks back nor the Curtis comments actually get the social media firestorm they deserved. He brought them both to light, which is a good thing. Chad and Kirk have battled in...
  3. cournoyer

    2023 QB Carousel

    In fairness, the Patriots traded Jimmy G for a second round pick. A player with less than 100 passes thrown in the NFL and 3 years of service time already accrued. Mac offers a level of stability as a mid range QB with some upside. There's something to be said for banking on the known versus the...
  4. cournoyer

    Playoff Rooting Interests

    It's funny, I really wish I had that outlook. My best friend is a Bills fan and I'd love for him to be let down again. My brother-in-law is a Bengals fan and a Pats hater. Maybe if I was a Jaguars fan I'd be thinking that way but 20 years of friends and family openly rooting against the Pats has...
  5. cournoyer

    Kevin Youkilis to be NESN's primary color analyst on Red Sox broadcasts in 2023

    I think finding the right mix of not boring but insightful analysis and a sense of humor is the perfect color guy. That's why Remy was great for a long time. For me, Ellis Burks and Wakefield were pretty boring but it's not like you need Johnny Gomes in there every night either. I liked...
  6. cournoyer

    Week 18 Pats/Bills Discussion

    This will definitely be a Mac game because the Bills will still need to respect the Pats run game. That being said, the confidence I have in Mac is limited recently so it could be a buzzsaw. He did have some success against the Dolphins depleted secondary so who knows, but it'll be tough to keep...
  7. cournoyer

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 4 @ Green Bay

    I think one reason people feel this way is that Hoyer showed a little more composure in the pocket. It's not everything but it was clear early on throwing with Zappe that he wasn't comfortable, panicking his reads and looking to move around before rushing his throw and skipping it in the dirt...
  8. cournoyer

    The Game Goat Thread: Wk. 3 vs Ravens

    I honestly think had Dugger been out there we win that game. Didn't really have a good answer to Andrews and the rest of the Ravens attack. I have to pin the goat on Mac today. Made some nice throws for sure but damn there was some sloppy decision making/down field throws. Hard to be confident...
  9. cournoyer

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 2 @ Pittsburgh

    True, he was. Maybe there was something they saw in the defense at that stage which is possible. To me it felt like two runs in that situation would have gathered a strong percentage chance of a first with their success on the ground to that point. I didn't even mind the punt from there if they...
  10. cournoyer

    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 2 @ Pittsburgh

    My only real gripe in this game was your #4. In that situation they should have ran the ball on 3rd and 2 and went from there. I was beside myself when they threw the incompletion. I didn't really have a problem with the punt afterwards (I could have went either way) but that 3rd and 2 playcall...
  11. cournoyer

    Patriots Roster Cutdown Thread 2022: Deadline August 30, 4 pm

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Patriots are releasing LB Cam McGrone, per source</p>&mdash; Mark Daniels (@MarkDanielsPJ) <a href=" View: ">August 30, 2022</a></blockquote> <script async...
  12. cournoyer

    Expectations for the 2022 Pats

    I mean, Matt Judon had 12.5 sacks last year that's pretty good. And a pro bowl for the third year in a row.
  13. cournoyer

    Will the Sox make the playoffs? And how far if so?

    Yeah, I think this is fair. This team's vibe is obviously not Mookie dancing around the dugout levels right now and it's a bummer. Devers had a pretty sad 5-1 solo shot carriage ride yesterday for example. Chaim's deadline feels more like a wash than anything to me but it is too bad they had a...
  14. cournoyer

    Will the Sox make the playoffs? And how far if so?

    I'm sorry but I find this kind of thing RIDICULOUS. Just Friday he went 4-5 and stung two hard hit balls yesterday that were tough luck outs with a nice opposite field single. Why do you say he can't summon the motivation and the trade has had a "devastating effect" on him? I understand it was a...
  15. cournoyer

    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    So much of it depends on behind the scenes stuff that we are not privy to, but he may feel backstabbed by the Celtics' front office if he felt this came out of left field and there was no discussion with him. Pure speculation obviously on a vague tweet, so who knows.
  16. cournoyer

    Kevin Durant Sweepstakes

    Wow that tweet from Jaylen. Must have a million thoughts going through his head right now. I wonder if he's been told personally that it's all BS or that this is a very real thing and he feels jaded. Feels like the latter.
  17. cournoyer

    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Kind of my take as well. I can see the baby argument but for me this is someone who has been really frustrated about signing that contract and being "less useful than a sack of potatoes". He cares. The light is at the end of the tunnel for him to return to the bigs and he doesn't want to be...
  18. cournoyer

    Talk to me about ear buds

    I strongly considered these. I also almost went with the Sony Linkbuds for the ambient factor in the office but they look a bit silly and I think a lot of people had fitting issues with them. Ended up preordering the Sony Linkbuds S which are supposed to come in Sunday. $80 less and smaller...
  19. cournoyer

    2022 Patriots free agency period

    It'd be much more amusing if these types of recruiting pitches worked. That being said, I don't hate it. He's just having some fun and I think a lot of the fan base gets a kick out of it
  20. cournoyer

    Sports Cards Mania

    Thank you, I really appreciate your time. I'll start pouring over them and see if there's anything interesting. I know I have the rookie Pedro card with the Dodgers although I feel like that may be fairly typical. Sounds like pretty much scan Ebay for some of the interesting ones and donate...