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    Baseball America Top 100 ‘23: 5 Red Sox

    Baltimore does the best: 4 top 50 including 2 top10 and 8 top 100 The Red Sox are the only other organization with 4 top 50. Although that does not mean they have the 2nd highest ranked organization in terms of prospects since they have 0 in the 50-100 range and only 1 in the top 30. It does put...
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Great and then we could bring back Sullivan and the Yawkey Trust. 20 years ago, the question was if the RS would ever win a world series. In the last 20 years, the RS have won 4 all under JH's ownership. During that time: SF won 3, Houston and the Cardinals won 2 each. No other team has more...
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    The 5 Dumbest Moves in Franchise History

    1. Selling Ruth 2. Reneging on Mays contract 3. Mailing Fisk contract 2 days late 4. Trading Bagwell for Anderson 5. Leaving a hobbled Buckner in the game and Stapleton on the bench reportedly so Buckner could be on the field to celebrate to WS win 6. Sparky Lyle trade for Cater Honorable...
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    Pats select Michigan OL Andrew Steuber at 245

    I coached Stuebs in high school, where he was part of a state championship team. (The blog comment that it was hard to rate him since he had only 1 year of playing football is completely wrong. He was a 3-year starter at Darien HS.) Of course, the competition is quite different. He however did...
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    Red Sox in season discussion

    Probably better off in Views..... but given the above comments. I know laws are laws, but I am surprised all the vitriol is reserved for the unvaccinated players and not also the requirement (IMO - neither positions make complete sense). The Canadian law makes no exception for a player who has...
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    Chris Sale aiming to return

    Do you really think it would be a good thing if the RS had Mookie on the team today with his current contract? I'd pass on that and think that money could be better spent. Now if you are saying who would you rather have for the next 4 years at their current contract, then Mookie becomes the...
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    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    Although it is certainly not the only issue, I am nowhere near as pessimistic Players won't accept anything below 230 Owners won't approve anything over 220 Sold at 225 Solve the other issues and this gap is easily bridged. Certainly, 4 owners are unreasonable and should cash out and just...
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    NBA Standings Watch

    As I look at the play-in tournament, it has got to be the most contrived setup of any playoff tournament in the history of US sports. Any time you need a flow chart to figure out who a team's opponent is, there is a problem.
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    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    The 1st offer was lowering the luxury tax threshold and adding a floor. I wrote at the time that is was posturing, the owners knew they could not lower the threshold, but the floor was the start to productive talks. Now the owners have increased albeit very slightly the threshold. The two sides...
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    RIP Jeremy Giambi

    I had the good fortune to meet and have a conversation with Jeremy in 2003 in the Kenmore Square area after a game. He was well-spoken, personable and a very down-to-earth person. His premature death is very unfortunate, I wish his family well.
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    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    I actually think this is progress. Making the floor of 100 MM front and center gives in to a Player Association demand that corrects an issue with the last contract. Of course, the owners are going to tie that to something else, in this case, a lower tax threshold number. I don't think the PA...
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    The Mainboard MLB Lockout Thread

    <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Find more statistics at Statista So I don't think Boras' characterization is quite fair either. Yes in the year of COVID, salaries were down last year. In reality, salaries...
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    Red Sox hire analytics company to optimize game start times in 2023

    Not to hijack the thread, but it goes back to the same problem that hasn't been solved since the pre-internet era --- the games are too long. I'm hoping they push through an NFL-type communication for pitch calling, so we don't have to wait 2 minutes between pitches and shake-offs. It is really...
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    Maybe the Red Sox are good?

    I would expect Sale to return in late August, but in a reliever role for this season. And if he is 80% of his normal self he would be a huge "deadline" move to help the bullpen. If the RS are not in contention, there is no point to push it at all and he should just continue rehabbing at a...
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    Sox Owners, Partners Plan Major Development Around Fenway Park

    All this waxing about the "good ole days" around Fenway. I spent time in the Rat, Spit, etc. It was great to see, hear and feel that you were a part of the upcoming music scene. However, those places were dumps and were obviously on the "clock" for any redevelopment. The entire neighborhood...
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    If the season gets to September 1, the Red Sox luxury tax resets

    And a pandemic that certainly increased the appeal of signing now instead of taking a large chance on free agency coming off a pandemic shortened season and league finances and a general economy which are at the very least in uncharted waters and facing recession.
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    Yes year 1 of Mookie is likely worth 50 M including his contract, unfortunately 3 years of Price is worth -55 M. Then add the 50% tax this year and 50% instead of 20 the year after. The Punto deal was a great trade for the RS and it wasn't the players that made it a great return, it was...
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    This is wrong. Graterol is not coming from the Dodgers. so they are giving up net 60 before cash RS are getting net 70 Twins getting net - 9 So as long as cash is less than 60 M, it is tough to be hypercritical of deal. Of course, there are other factors Dodgers GFIN; RS saving 50% of real...
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    Betts/Price to LA for Verdugo/Jeter Downs/TBA

    I tried to put the trade through baseball trade values. It wouldn't go due to the Twins getting the short end. But basically the values as calculated on their site Betts 50 M Price -55 M Verdugo 48M Graterol 21M Maeda 11M So the Red Sox before their cash is added to the deal is sitting at +74...