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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    I agree that we shouldn't take things at face value, but implying that he is being called wrong for not following along with the general public is misleading. There has been a recent rise in the number of media personalities and celebrities who have spouted very dangerous opinions and...
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    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    I don't understand this idea that Ainge and the Celts had Fultz in for a workout and he wasn't as explosive as they had hoped. Didn't he say that they've been watching all these guys for years? Just like Tatum hitting 15 threes in a row isn't going to move the needle much, why would Fultz's...
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    The 2018 NBA Draft

    I don't think #1/#2, but the Bulls did have #2/#3 and went Tyson Chandler/Eddy Curry. Hopefully this would work out better than that did.
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    The Plan For the #1, er, #3 Overall Pick?

    This is stupid. If they're flipping picks for players, who would be available that would put them at the same level as Cleveland and Golden State? Ainge has hit on some picks later in the draft, but he also tried to trade 4 #1s for Justice Winslow. This feels more like the latter.
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    Mike Sherman's New Job

    Mine too.  We didn't have a football team when I graduated in '95. Up until now the football program's biggest claim to fame was former Jets d-lineman (and current Chief) Mike Devito is an alumnus and donated money to the program.  
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    Palefaces: Redskins' Name OK

    Not to be obvious but I think I can come up with another racial slur that was re-appropriated as a term of endearment by the people it describes that I wouldn't exactly be comfortable calling my football team.  The point is moot since the whole thing was a lie, but even if that was true I don't...