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  1. Dotrat

    Red Sox Hire Chaim Bloom As Chief Baseball Officer

    The last few pages of this thread have been a heaventree of stars hung with humid night blue fruit...
  2. Dotrat

    The Ringer

    I think the intellectually lazy part is spot on. I used to listen to his podcast regularly but found his takes on music, movies, and TV were too often superficial and based on a kind of faux-contrarianism that was cringe-inducing, such as his early views on The Wire and The Simpsons. He also has...
  3. Dotrat

    2019 Pats: OL Discussion

    Then your line could use some fixin'
  4. Dotrat

    Week 1 Game Thread

    Prisco's idiocy is remarkably consistent. He was still calling Brady a system QB after he won 3 SBs.
  5. Dotrat

    Goodnight Sweet Prince: Mark Sanchez Retires

    FWIW, Jerod Mayo said on a podcast last year that Sanchize was famous for repeatedly misidentifying who the "Mike" LB was when the Pats played the Jets.
  6. Dotrat

    Rethinking Barstool?

    This is the new, "Some of my best friends are Jewish." It doesn't matter that women in the C-Suite are happy to profit from the routine objectification of women--it's still wrong and still offensive. And accusations of virtue-signalling are paper-thin rationalizations for just not giving a shit...
  7. Dotrat

    Thank You, Hondo

    This is so sad—one of the true icons of Boston sports and the NBA. I have distant but fond memories of watching those early ‘70s Celtics teams and realizing that no one could guard him, not for long anyway.
  8. Dotrat

    Nick Cafardo dies at 62

    It’s best to be a person deeply loved by others, as was clearly the case with Nick. RIP.
  9. Dotrat

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    I like Keefe because he's amusing, has a nerdy sense of humor, and loves sports. He actually pays attention to games--sadly a rarity among too many host on both EEI and 98.5 (Mazz especially)--and isn't a blowhard. I would love to see him paired with another younger host and get a drive time or...
  10. Dotrat

    Big changes at CSNNE and

    I feel bad for Rich Keefe. He and Holley (when Dale was out) was some of the best sports radio around. Two good-humored, knowledgeable guys who love sports--no hot takes, no lame attempts at frat-boy humor.
  11. Dotrat

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I'm sure they'll tell us all today that the Rams suck, that they weren't the team the hype said they were, that Goff is terrible, and that anyone who thinks the Pats would have beaten the Saints--in Atlanta, Tony--is a footy-pajama wearing honk.
  12. Dotrat

    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    "Defense wins championships..."
  13. Dotrat

    2018 Patriots Defense

    Definitely not--but what a beautifully dominant performance it was. That was not only a curb stomping, it was a curb stomping of what was supposed to be the virtually un-defensible offense of the future.
  14. Dotrat

    Celebrating What Is

    I keep trying to explain to my non-sports-fan wife how extraordinary and incredible 6 SB wins are--and I can barely get my head around it myself.
  15. Dotrat

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    I feel like I've been waiting for a Pats D to play a game that great, that dominating, since shortly after the '04 SB win. And it was more than worth the wait.
  16. Dotrat

    The Game Ball Thread: SB vs Rams

    Defense, defense, defense! (It'll be Jules.)
  17. Dotrat

    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    He wasn’t. Plympton 91 is “misremembering.”
  18. Dotrat

    Best Current NFL TV Broadcast Teams

    I voted for Harlan, who always does a great job singling out OL play and is generally really good at PBP in both football and basketball. Always found him underrated. I still love Al Michaels and think that Buck, Gumbel, and Eagle are also good. I've never liked Nantz, mostly because he never...
  19. Dotrat

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    All of this makes The Ballad Of Nick Cafardo that much sadder.
  20. Dotrat

    Protecting the Shields -- The Nick Cafardo Thread

    Not to defend Nick, but what is the editor’s responsibility here? Wouldn’t a good editor tell Nick that these are exactly the kind of angles he should be covering in his stories?