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    10/30-Celtics vs. Bucks

    Zero point in driving if the result is shitty low-percentage floaters. I’d rather just see if we can get hot from three. Maybe Carsen Edwards goes supernova to close the gap?
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    2019 Celtics Preseason Gamethread

    Tacko’s free throw form actually looks passable now. Impressive improvement from where he was.
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    2018 NBA Draft Lottery

    “Wild night in Chicago, guys! Now it’s time to go home and drink some warm milk before bedtime. Crazy!” Great broadcast, NBA. Fire someone.
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    UFC/MMA in 2017

    Literally. He just retired.
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    It's the Little Things: Pick Your Favorite Unsung Effort From SB 51

    After re-watching the second half a couple of times, the sheer amount of plays that the Patriots absolutely had to make (and did), combined with the Falcons failing to make that one play that would have allowed them to win, brings to mind the old chestnut: "You come at the king, you best not...
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    UFC/MMA in 2016

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    Liverpool 2015-16: We Didn't Want To Play in Europe Anyway

    Uh... at least it's not a hamstring? Silver lining? Joe Allen has been excellent lately, though. Hopefully, he makes it to the first Villarreal game.
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    2015-16 NIT: the Europa League thread

    I just came here to say "LIVERPOOL! HOLY FUCKING DONKEY BALLS" Definitely the most exciting Liverpool game since I started watching them (well... the one with the best ending, anyways).
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    Liverpool 2015-16: We Didn't Want To Play in Europe Anyway

    Lallana Firmino Coutinho Of course they won today.
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

          In my head, this conversation went something like:   Bleedred:  Wait, wait... what did you mean he'll lose?  Brady's only faking, right? MillarTime:  You want me to tell you about this or not? Bleedred:  Who gets Goodell? MillarTime:  I don't understand... Bleedred:  Who kills Prince...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

      Agreed. I used my meager photoshop skills to make that small change. All credit to Buster Olney the Lonely and Martin Scorsese.  
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Reality has a well-known Patriots bias.
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    Liverpool 2014-15: Now Is Time On Merseyside When We Dance

    Sturridge was telling Balotelli that Henderson should have taken it.  Henderson was kind of pissed because he wanted to take the penalty (and become the new Gerrard) but... how does Balotelli not take that?  His record with penalties is impeccable. I'm sure they'll sort it out but, when...
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    Liverpool 2014-15: Now Is Time On Merseyside When We Dance

      So racist...   That or you probably think Raheem is pleading for Suarez to stop as he goes in for the bite  :rolling:  Anyways, looking forward to this season immensely. Go Super Smash Brothers (Sturridge/Sterling/Balotelli)!
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    Liverpool 2014-15: Now Is Time On Merseyside When We Dance

    The player that I want to see them get most is Roberto Firmino. Both exceedingly talented and eminently gettable. From the stats and film I've seen on him, he has the creativity and finishing ability to replace a good part of what Suarez brought to Liverpool. Plus, he's only 22...
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    World Cup Day 1--Brazil v. Croatia

    You know what I don't miss? Fucking vuvuzelas.
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    2014 Patriot UDFA Watch

    Without actually seeing him play (other than highlights), I find the pickup of Stephen Houston interesting (if you find back-up running backs interesting). Looks to me like this guy has a very good chance of being an upgrade on Bolden. They have very similar measurables and production numbers...
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    RD1/#29: Makin' it look Easley!

      Probably some good gifs in there but I don't know how to make them so...  Also checked out his pro day video where he was at "80 percent" and he looked strong, for whatever that's worth.   Guy seems pretty intense in this interview.  Certainly the type I'd want in the 4th quarter of a Super...
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    RD1/#29: Makin' it look Easley!

    Guys seems really likable and talented.  He also has a ton of energy and personality, as evidenced by some of his pre-snap shenanigans in this video.  As long as he has knees, I think I'm going to enjoy rooting for him.