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  1. axx

    PSA: MBTA changing Yawkey Station name to Landsdowne I don't know how many people use it to go to games, despite being so close to the Park, but it's supposed to happen by Opening Day.
  2. axx

    Fox gets TNF for 5 years Impressive increase considering the lower ratings.
  3. axx

    2017 Cap expected to be 163-165M They are expecting about a 8-10M increase over this season. Patscap has the current cap figure around 112 mill, so there would be plenty of space at the moment to extend guys or sign free agents.
  4. axx

    The Backup QB

    With Brady suspended, now they are going to have to sign a QB. Jimmy G will be the starter presumably while Brady serves his suspension.   I'd post the list of FA QBs, but it's not pretty. Matt Flynn maybe? Vick?
  5. axx

    John Henry selling Globe HQ Land   Sounds like he should get more for the land than what he paid for the Globe, which is a good thing for him since the paper itself is worthless. What's left of the company will move into a smaller building...
  6. axx

    2013 Heisman

    It's going to be Winston by a large margin, but it'll be interesting to see how many voters refuse to vote for him given the charges.   The committee might have to wait to see how the voting goes to see who else gets to go to New York.