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  1. southshoresoxfan

    Need help with Macbook

    Ok so here is the issue, I stupidly upgraded to the new OS El Capitan without checking if a DJ controller I had had made a driver for it yet (spoiler alert: it has not) I have an older Macbook in the house as well as this 1. I have backed up all my music files off of my current Macbook, and...
  2. southshoresoxfan

    For the love of god, someone fix my Bluetooth problem

    Situation: I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Hyundai 2013 Elantra Limited.  My old phone, same model/year/exact one sync'd up with my car no problem, address book, perfect call quality, paired perfectly.  Cracked my screen, got a replacement phone, same model/make/year, and now my BT is a...
  3. southshoresoxfan

    Nelson option in the OF?

    Apologize if this has been covered somewhere else, but just wondering aloud if Nelson Cruz was somebody the Sox may be looking at as an alternative as a true right handed power bat should Napoli sign elsewhere.   The Good:   Last 3 seasons have been pretty consistent, posting OPS + of 113, 104...