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  1. uilnslcoap

    9/21 @ TB: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

    September 29th is officially the last day of the season for the Red Sox. Let's see if the Sox can make an effort toward making it the last day for the Rays too. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
  2. uilnslcoap

    4/24 vs Tigers--Screw it, I'll start the thread

    Suck or success, we all like to vent, right? Sox: thanks for 2018. It was amazing. April 2019 is coming to a close, though. A wise man once said: "You know what my favorite ring is? The next one." Admire that 2018 ring on a dark winter night, but chase the next one now.
  3. uilnslcoap

    What is THE baseball highlight?

    Mays catch? Larsen perfecto? Mazeroski homer? Gibson homer? Fisk waves it fair? Roberts steals it? Do we need an offensive category, an infield defense category, and an outfield defense category? I'd create a poll but this seems too widely open to interpretation. I'd go with the Mays catch...
  4. uilnslcoap

    Got Rich Quick (lucrative contacts on short term performance)

    I was thinking about players who made big money on a season's or postseason's worth of excellence. The two intra-division examples that come to mind are Derek Lowe's October 2004 (bless him, 4-year, 36M contact immediately following, probably made at least 10M in a month) and the Orioles' Chris...