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  1. TheStoryofYourRedRightAnkle

    10/26 - Insert clever thread title here

    Let the reign of Zane be... gain? Whatever, just win. Or don't. No more injuries though, ok?
  2. TheStoryofYourRedRightAnkle


    I got matzo ball soup on the stove, so in honor of Jewish mothers everywhere, I will crawl up on my cross for y'all and I will take the loss so another can begin the season-closing winning streak of gamethreads.
  3. TheStoryofYourRedRightAnkle

    Boston and Ottawa

    Ottawa sucks. Beat the shit out of them. That is all.
  4. TheStoryofYourRedRightAnkle

    Bruins and Habs: Part II, The Crushening

    Sucked last night?   Doesn't matter, crush them.   Second night of a back to back with travel?   Doesn't matter, crush them.   1st line center and defenseman both injured and out?   Doesn't matter, crush them.   Icing a team that's 50% rookies?   Doesn't matter, crush them.