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    Stanley Cup Predictions

    After a long layoff, playoff hockey returns. Bonus if you get the Conn Smythe winner,
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    What's going to happen at #32?

    Bonus points if post the correct player
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    What the Celtics can and can't do this offseason

    There's a lot of confusion about what the Celtics can and can't do this offseason. The rules are very complex and there's a lot of misinformation out there. I'll update the OP with answers once we get a consensus. 1. If the Celtics trade for Anthony Davis what deals seem most likely? 2. Can...
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    What will we be talking about Monday morning?

    Super Bowls are so unpredictable. Who could have guessed Malcolm Butler would be among the main topics of discussion the day after SB XLIX? I've been thinking about what might be the main talking points on Monday morning . 1. Tom MFing Brady and BB get #6 2. Brian Flores. I think he comes up...
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    Should the NL Be Required to Adopt the DH?

    One of the stupidest things in sports is having two sets of rules for separate leagues particularly when a championship is on the line Baseball has had nearly half a century to figure this out. Once interleague play was introduced it should have been settled but here we are. I'm strongly in...
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    Lineup in NL Park for WS

    Cora has some decisions to make when it comes to losing the DH in the World Series (which is one of the most ridiculous things in all of sports, but I'll save that rant). With Bradley coming up big in the ALCS, is he still the prime candidate to sit? In the second half, the Red Sox played in NL...
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    Craig Kimbrel: Dominant Closer

    Kimbrel's turn from dominator to the Irish Slocumb has been causing cardiac stress around New England over the past couple of weeks. I'm officially worried after last night. I kept thinking he just needed to settle down and all would be well. He was badly missing last night. As pointed out in...
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    Foldable Phones Are Coming

    With the development of flexible screens, several phone manufacturers are taking a crack at making a foldable phone. Samsung was leading the charge, with the Galaxy F, but Huawei just announced they are going to be releasing one as well. The cost is going to be as high as $2K. There are...
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    The Chris Wallace Experience

    It got us Kedrick Brown
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    Triston Casas- 2018 Draft #26 overall

    HS Grad 2018 Age 18 and 4 mos Position(s) 3B 1B Ht/Wt 6-4, 238 lb B/T L/R School American Heritage Hometown Pembroke Pines, FL USA Senior year: .385/.545/.884
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    Jaylen's Junior Year '18-19

    Jaylen Brown made great strides in his sophomore campaign. While Game 7 didn't leave the best impression going into the offseason, his season leading up to that game should be the focus. He will certainly be mentioned in trade rumors this summer. The list of players I would trade him for is...
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    2018 NBA Draft Lottery

    The NBA Draft Lottery is Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30 PM. The Celtics receive the Lakers pick if it is #2 or #3, otherwise Philly gets the pick. Odds of Top Picks Pick No.TeamOddsTop 3Record 1Phoenix25%64.1 %21-61 2Memphis19.9%55.6%22-60 3Atlanta13.8%42.6%24-58 4Dallas13.7%42.4%24-58...
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    Catching Hell

    The catcher spot has been abysmal so far. Sandy Leon 4/31 with 8Ks and a whopping .285 OPS Vazquez has been struggling all around. He's only hitting .185 with a horrid .476 OPS. It's still early, but if this keeps up the team may start to look at outside options, which are also quite...
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    Revisiting the 2015 NHL Draft

    Watching DeBrusk's performance in the Toronto series has been a revelation. I vividly remember the 2015 draft and thinking the franchise wouldn't recover from it for a decade. Three first round picks, 13, 14, 15 overall. Rumors of failed attempts to trade up for Noah Hannafin. The board...
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    NBA 2 Minute Report:Jaylen was Fouled

    Not that it helps, but they missed an offensive foul on Giannis and the foul by Middleton on Jaylen in about a 10 second span. GJGE.
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    Broadcast Team Groupings in Boston Sports History

    After the passing of Gil Santos, I was thinking about the state of Boston's broadcast teams. I know things could be much worse and it comforts me that Yankee fans have to listen to some of the most annoying broadcasters in the country. However, the current collection of broadcast teams are...
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    Jaylen or Tatum?

    Tangentially related to the Kawhi thread, assuming that the Celtics had to deal one of them for a superstar who is the guy you'd want them to keep?
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    Red Sox Roll Out the Barrels

    I guess this has been around for a year or so now but I've been following it this season. The 'barrel' stat uses launch angle and exit velocity to identify which players are barreling up the ball and making the best contact. For example, a ball with an exit velocity of 100 and a launch angle...
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    Mookie removed from game

    Mookie collided with the catcher sliding into home in the first inning. He got up limping but still played two more innings before being lifted for Swihart. It was a combination of a bad throw taking the catcher across the plate and a risky/ bad send with no outs in the first.