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  1. jasail

    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    I can't get enough of demise of the Seahawks. That team had swagger. They were young, in a good position and probably on the verge of sustaining a 3-5 year dynasty. Then Hightower tripped up Lynch; Carroll called a pass; the Pats had studied their film and knew it was coming; Malcolm and Browner...
  2. jasail

    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    I voted for the most recent era. While I feel like the 1st era had greater continuity (and included some of my favorite individual players), what they've done in this second decade is an incredible accomplishment, particularly for the fact that was done in a league designed to prevent it from...
  3. jasail

    Best 2018 Red Sox postseason moments

    ALDS: Workman's strike out of Torres to get out of bases loaded jam in G1. Huge out in that game to get to the back of the bullpen. Barnes' strike out of Stanton the next inning with bases loaded and no outs. Was the first inkling that the post-season bullpen was not the regular bullpen...
  4. jasail

    Jaylen's Junior Year '18-19

    I'd agree that Jaylen's value is probably just north of 30th in the league. However, among the 30 or so guys ahead of him, only a few may be available and are a good fit given the C's roster and cap space. So, there are probably less than a handful of guys I would consider moving Jaylen in a...
  5. jasail

    Cheesesteaks vs. Chowdah Part I - The Sixers/Celtics Series Thread

    Not putting the Sixers away yesterday was a bummer, but not entirely unexpected. Brown made some good counter-adjustments with getting the ball to Saric in the post and upping TJ's usage. On the other side, the C's couldn't counter, made a ton of sloppy plays, had poor shot selection and got out...
  6. jasail

    Jaylen or Tatum?

    Like most in the thread, I went with Tatum. He just has too much going on for him. He has Top 10 player potential. Brown is awesome too, but he just doesn't have the offensive potential that Tatum does and his edge on defense doesn't close the gap. TBH, I'd like to keep them both.
  7. jasail

    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    I tuned in today hoping to get some talk about the Bruins, Sox or Celtics. Nope, all I got was palace intrigue about the Patriots. As an aside, it's amazing to me how many people have never had a boss they thought to be an a-hole but respected nonetheless because they delivered the goods.
  8. jasail

    Smart's Value

    Smart and Evans, while not similar players, share similarities. They were both top draft choices; they have not lived up to expectations but have found themselves roles as critical bench players; they are combo guards who can play multiple positions; they are not complete players; and they have...
  9. jasail

    Celtics Draft Jayson Tatum at #3

    I agree that he has some hesitancy in his game. There was that play down the stretch in Denver where he had his man beat but instead dribbled out, passed the ball and the shot clock ran out. It was a bad play; it was a rookie play. But therein is the rub. Despite how poised he's looked so far...
  10. jasail

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Perhaps I'm not correctly understanding your point, but I'm not sure disingenuous is the right choice of words. Portnoy has been pretty forthright about his ambitions. He has said time and again that he wants to be the Lorne Michaels of the internet. His vision for BSS is to build a huge talent...
  11. jasail

    Winter Meetings 2018: Rumors and Speculation

    We'll, I'd get that jock strap ready. There is a very real chance that the Yanks will acquire Stanton and Machado with out giving up either Sheffield or Torres. That would leave them with plenty left in the tank to go out and acquire a guy like Garrit Cole. It's rather disappointing that the...
  12. jasail

    Kirk and Callahan: Annoying Little Pissants

    I gave up on sports radio a while back. It's a constant barrage of negativity. Found myself several podcasts that I like and the only thing I regret is not making the change earlier.
  13. jasail

    Rethinking Barstool?

    Dan Greenberg is their main NBA writer right now. He does a nightly recap of what's going on in the NBA and write-up on the C's. IMO, this is some of the best (if not the best) pure sports content on the site. A couple of examples...
  14. jasail

    The 2017/2018 Boston Celtics Regular season thread

    They aren't as polished offensively as they were last year and I don't think the 2nd unit will be as productive on that end (even though they may not be as bad as they are now). However, additions of size and length have been key to their defensive and rebounding success this year. IT: 5'10...
  15. jasail

    Smart's Value

    Marcus more or less splits his court time with both units. He comes early at the start of each half (usually for Tatum), plays with the remaining starters as they sub-out, anchors the 2nd unit, sits towards the middle of the 2nd and 4th and then comes in to close the half (usually for Morris)...
  16. jasail

    Rethinking Barstool?

    I thought the article was fair compared to most of the sensationalist drivel I read about the website. The author got a lot of things right about the content, readership and evolution. The comment about Portnoy and Zuck was incredible. There were some swings and misses, but for me it was just...
  17. jasail

    2017 Brady Watch: Is Guerrero Legit?

    The nutrition/health science field is constantly evolving and contradicting things that we took as truth only a few short years ago (e.g., eggs). This has opened the door for a very lucrative field that sells a varying quality of health/nutrition solutions. Nearly all of which are based to...
  18. jasail

    Rethinking Barstool?

    I've been a Stoolie since Dave was handing out papers outside South Station and I was taking the Red Line into work. I'm not going to deny that an element of the site is geared towards bros. That said, their reputation does not match up with the content on their site. Folks tend to paint broadly...
  19. jasail

    September callups (Travis, Swihart, Elias, Maddox, LIN, Marrero, Velazquez)

    Was it? Granted it was long winded, but my point was pretty straight forward. The 40-man roster isn't the issue. If the Sox thought there was a role for Brentz or Brentz could contribute, moving on from Boyer isn't going to be a problem. I retrospect, I should have decided to be more concise...