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    Red Sox Hire Chaim Bloom As Chief Baseball Officer

    If I'm hearing that post correctly, just think of Victor Kiam and you'll be close enough.
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    15 Years

    My two cents worth: 1. In 2003, Grady left Pedro in there (SEVERAL TIMES OVER, OF COURSE) to face Matsui- who delivered a bullet down the right field line for a double (hit or came close to hitting the chalk). Same situation next year in Game 5- Tito leaves Pedro in with the bases loaded-...
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    And for a single season, don't forget the Tomato Can di tutti Tomato Can schedule of the 1972 Miami Dolphins. whose 14 wins came against teams with the following records: 8-6 (2), 7-7 (3), 5-9 (2), 4-9-1 (3), 4-10 (1), 3-11 (2), 1-13 (1).
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    2019 Boston College Football

    Given your defense is weak and thin and you have a great running attack, doesn't it make more sense to kill clock and not run hurry-up?
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    College Football Week 6 Game Thread

    The Patriots in 1970 or 71, both horrible years, had 4th & 65.
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    What's Going On at Sports Illustrated??

    Is Albert Breer still employed there? Have to admit ambivalence about him possibly surviving this purge.
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    College Football Week 4 Game Thread

    Is Chip Kelly showing any signs of turning things around at UCLA? I bet he wishes he never left Oregon.
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    Felger and Mazz - Creating False Naratives one day at a time

    If Felger was paired with Shank for baseball and basketball only, I'd buy that. Not football, aside from his dislike of everything Foxborough, he really isn't that knowledgeable in the sport.
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    2019 Boston College Football

    What a strange article by Benbow today how the Eagles' team has done a fantastic job putting the Kansas loss behind them. It's Tuesday morning, they don't play a game until Saturday. Perhaps write that article after that, maybe?
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    2019 Boston College Football

    Very bad week for the ACC. BC blowout, VA Tech struggled and GA Tech lost to The Citadel.
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    Dan Shaughnessy: Taking a dump in your mouth one column at a time

    If he was so incensed by Brown being on the team perhaps he should have politely declined the trip to South Beach for the weekend. Just sayin'. He could have written the same article from his home office.
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    2019 Boston College Football

    I read somewhere that it's one of the largest swings (44 points) since Vegas has been keeping track of that sort of thing.
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    Slow games

    I read somewhere that the number of foul balls has increased by 10% in the last 15 or so years. Unquestionably, the number of pitches in a game has risen as well and is contributing heavily to the game length increase. Forcing a reliever to face three batters (in the same inning) will...
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    NCAA prepared to sue CA over “unconstitutional” name, likeness bill

    So would that mean 54 out 58 California schools would be against this legislation... because there are only 4 P5 schools in California? It's fair to those elite athletes for sure but does anyone else benefit?
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    DD fired

    Yeah, a pathetic attempt to get the Patriots off the front pages of the sports section.
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    DD fired

    Considering Shank was running stuff about him being on the outs with those above him a while ago, this was in the offing for quite some time. Expect him to get the Francona treatment from the press (who of course are getting it fed to them by ownership) starting tomorrow.
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    2019 Boston College Football

    The only fly in the ointment in that game was the Curse of Fred Steinfort (or whoever you want to name it for) still doesn't seem to have been broken.
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    Bob Cousy, Medal of Freedom Recipient

    ....can't remember a HC player from the 70s who went into education except perhaps Chris Potter, a great player but definitely not a point guard. Definitely not Kevin McAuley.
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    "Then.........One August night, the kid in right, lies sprawling in the dirt" 52 years later, it still hurts.

    Always wondered about that smoke bomb. Was the visibility in the park still not up to speed when Hamilton threw the pitch? Did Hamilton and/or Tony lose concentration because of the delay? No indication the pitch was on purpose, although Hamilton had a bit of a rep as a head hunter. Too...
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    Red Sox are considering a regular "open house" day where 10,000-15,000 FREE tickets are put aside for children

    They used to have Safety Patrol Day- I went when I was in the 6th grade, summer of 1962. It was a weekday game in June, there were between 5 and 10K kids there and no more than 5K of everyone else. Guess what- ever hear of Al Luplow's famous catch? We got to see it. Not only that but...