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  1. JMDurron

    More Impressive Stretch During Brady/BB Era?

    I picked the second era for a reason that I hadn’t seen mentioned yet. The highs of the two eras make for interesting debates, and the persistent excellence of the second era has been discussed. To me, even while both eras have had disappointing one-off playoff losses before the Super Bowl...
  2. JMDurron

    AfterDraft ... Here come the FAs

    Ryan Davis flies under the radar due to the combination of his size (5-9, 185 lb on his Auburn stats page), and playing in an offensive system that seemed at times to be actively hostile to effectively employing WR talent, but he quietly became Auburn's all time receptions leader in 2018, and...
  3. JMDurron

    Jarrett Stidham Rd4 Pick 133

    I hope there's another Auburn fan around, then. I think the entirety of my Auburn-related thinking over the past two years was just posted above, and I'm spent. The past two years have wasted a perfectly good defense (ok, 2017 wasn't really a "waste", given the SEC Title Game appearance, we're...
  4. JMDurron

    Jarrett Stidham Rd4 Pick 133

    Another Auburn fan here, just wanted to add my thoughts to Bernie's excellent post here. We agree that he tops out as a backup. My first reaction upon seeing this thread was "oh no", and my second was "Fuck, another Wilhite to shame my school!" My third is articulated below. Jarrett Stidham...
  5. JMDurron

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    Following up on this, it appears to have been early season technical issues. As of last night, recaps and condensed games for previous games are now available in the PS4 app again. Re-installing the app previously had not had any effect, and I doubt my e-mail complaint did either. Whew.
  6. JMDurron

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I hope they are just having technical issues, as they seem to at the start of every season. I worry that they have cut back on the staffing/resources devoted to highlight packages like those that will lead to them showing up 2-3 days after each game instead of their previous next-day delivery...
  7. JMDurron

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I'm having the same issue in both the PS4 MLB At Bat app and on the website in Chrome - I cannot find either the Game Recap or the Condensed Game highlights for last night's game. The only video that loaded for me successfully in Chrome is Moreland's HR, I couldn't even get the "Sox hit...
  8. JMDurron

    Gronk announces his retirement

    We’re on to Mookie.
  9. JMDurron

    The Value of Belichick

    Right, obviously that would blow up the trade. It’s not really meant as a fair addition to the hypothetical, more like a separate hypothetical sparked by this one.
  10. JMDurron

    The Value of Belichick

    A more interesting question might be “how many teams could you possibly trade Belichick to where he would not immediately retire after the trade?” After his Cleveland experience and near miss of the Jets’ ownership inevitably screwing up whatever plans he tired to implement there, I’d imagine...
  11. JMDurron

    Rank Your Children: Ordering the Pats Titles By Meaning to You

    My list is heavily weighted according to the emotional experience of the game itself, particularly right at the end. 1. SB36 (Rams): The game that proved to me that it was actually possible for one of my teams to win something, and did it on the final play of the game, no less! 2. SB49...
  12. JMDurron

    Celebrate What Is: Non-star Player Who "Stepped Up" in Big Moments aka Malcolm Butler Trophy

    I think the biggest JR Redmond moment still gets overlooked a bit, relative to how necessary it was. The Rams appeared to have figured out the Pats' defense and were moving the ball effectively in the 4th quarter, the Pats had no timeouts and a long drive to FG range. Redmond's run after the...
  13. JMDurron

    2018 Tom M-F&^%$ing Brady: Still Proving It

    In Kentucky, my money's on the Colts.
  14. JMDurron

    Celebrating What Is

    Download their mobile app, you get 2-3 free articles and can skip through all of the account creation steps upon installation. Worked for me earlier today on my iPhone.
  15. JMDurron

    AFC Divisional Buildup: Chargers vs. Pats

    It would be nice to see the offensive line pass block effectively for the first time since the Miami game, IMO, but I’m not loving the chances of that happening. Brady is going to take a beating, but I think the defense will carry the day at home.
  16. JMDurron

    Celebrating What Is

    This is an excellent point, and one that seems to get overlooked or ignored in NFL media in general. Probably deliberately ignored, since the NFL likely isn’t too interested in people holding owners accountable for team dysfunction instead of players and coaches. It’s not just an NFL...
  17. JMDurron

    College Football Coaching Carousel

    At last, a list that Auburn should be on, but this time is not, unlike the preseason rankings list. Sadly, the University President had to go and give Gus Malzahn all of the $ last year, so...
  18. JMDurron

    Celebrating What Is, Red Sox Variety

    Re: the bolded, I think it says the same thing that the 86-year drought said about that era of RedSox baseball. Ownership matters. Good management at the top guarantees nothing, but sets up the franchise for the kind of success that we’re now reflecting on.
  19. JMDurron

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    I didn't think of the Heyward comparison, but when the FOX feed briefly showed Sale yelling in the dugout during the game last night, this was the first thing that came to mind:
  20. JMDurron

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    So, regarding potential goats for last night, there's been a lot of discussion of all things Ian Kinsler, the Vazquez bunt, the strike zone, etc., and all of those late inning items are legitimate to bring up. I think one set of blunders that had me angry for a solid 2+ hours before any of...