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    'Invisible' Ellsbury

    If memory serves me correctly (a quick search on the net brought up nothing but a long laundry list of his injury's) Didn't Ellsbury do the same thing (outside treatment) when he had the collision with Adrian Beltre ? I seem to remember the Sox management getting their nose out of joint because...
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    Celebrating what is

    I remember Charles Laquidara on WBCN announcing "F--K the Bears on air during his morning show. That was a pretty big deal at the time.
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    Shank aka CHB calls out David Price calling out Eck

    I've been a lurker on this board for ten years now. Many times I've had the urge to ask questions, only to have seen simular other posters get slapped down for lack of proper investigation into what they are asking (I really wanted to ask what if anything was happening with Carson Smith, but...
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    #DFG: Canceling the Noise

    Long time luker here. While I don't actively post here, I do think I have something to add to this. My trade is auto repair. Why does this matter? Well, with the fact that every car/truck made now has air pressure sensors, that has changed the way we air up tires. Any new (read 2012 on) usually...