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    Let's Predict the 2023 Red Sox Season

    85 wins -Team leader in Wins? Kluber -Team leader in Saves? Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? Sale -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? Yoshida -Team leader in HR? Devers -Team leader in Stolen Bases? Enrique Hernandez -Team leader in HBP? Turner -Player who plays the majority...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    This is a really great discussion. I didn't vote, because I don't have really strong feelings about Bloom. But reading the thread brings up a question: I wonder how big an adjustment a top executive has to make when he goes from a small-market and small-budget team to a big one. It stands to...
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I think all the Gurriel talk might stem from this speculative SI piece from Wednesday. It's interesting, if read as an educated guess, but whenever I see "could" in a headline, I tend to ignore the main thrust.