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  1. Pegleg

    Easiest SmartPhone To Use For a Novice

    I'm 79, my wife's Moto just died (11 years old!) and her whole family uses iphones, so we're going that way. Either 13 mini or 13 max.
  2. Pegleg

    What If…? Red Sox Edition

    Moving over to Hoops, St. Louis could conceivably had a front line of Petit, Russell and Naulls.
  3. Pegleg

    Let's Predict the 2022 Red Sox Season

    My East prediction: Toronto NYY Tampa Bay Boston Baltimore I just don't think the Sox are taking things seriously this year. Maybe a Correa would improve the odds.
  4. Pegleg

    Bill Russell is Criminally Underrated

    Sharman had 29 points.
  5. Pegleg

    Red Sox player that you cared most about

    A tie for me: Jimmy Piersall and Harry Agganis.
  6. Pegleg

    Red Sox in season discussion

    I hope we don't get Story. His Road stats are poor.
  7. Pegleg

    Tracking the rookie QBs

    I watched Jones in College and saw him lobbing soft passes to the hands of receivers in tight spots. I thought "he's doing it just like Brady." Now he's starting to throw longer, again like Brady. He was my #1 choice at QB. I was ecstatic when we got him.
  8. Pegleg

    Worst In Game Pitching Decision In Red Sox History

    After the initial homer, it was obvious Robles didn't have his stuff. After the double following it, he should have been yanked. I had a terrible feeling TB was going to get 4 more runs that inning. Cora left him in WAAAY too long.
  9. Pegleg

    Washington Football Team is now the Washington Commanders

    I still like "Redskins" with a picture of a peanut. Obviously not a serious contender.
  10. Pegleg

    The Babe in color.

    Notice also: (1) how much the batters move out of the box when they swing and (2) those gloves, without connected fingers. The first baseman's mitt is a modified catcher's mitt; I remember those back in the late 40s -early 50s
  11. Pegleg

    The greatest two-way player ever?

    brs3 and others: My father used to tell me about the Negro teams who played against major leagues in the offseason. Those barnstorming MLB players often said thier competition was equal to any MLB players. They were both all-star caliber.
  12. Pegleg

    Celtics sign Jabari Parker

    A couple of memories from the '50s: Heinsohn's jump shot was both from behind his head and had a flat trajectory and Big Wilt used to hit all his free throws in practice. (Damn I loved those double headers in MSG)
  13. Pegleg

    RIP Elgin Baylor

    Thank you Kliq for a great post. One item about Baylor was his nickname, "Tick Tok". He had a head tick (something I suffered for many years) and I was surprised when I found that his tick was known to the players and commented upon. When you see his highlights, you'll notice that motion.
  14. Pegleg

    KC Jones has died

    KC and Sam Jones were the Celtics second backcourt in the '50s. Cousy & Sharman were the first. But as time went on, the Jones's were getting better. One season, when Jerry West averaged around 31 PPG, I remember KC holding him to an average of around 18 PPG that season.
  15. Pegleg

    NBA Free Agency Game Thread

    I found Duncan's wingspan as 7'3" at
  16. Pegleg

    Sox sign Collin McHugh

    Look for Tenex Procedure. is a better search engine (sometimes) than google.
  17. Pegleg

    Sox talking Mookie trade with Dodgers, Padres - News & Discussion

    I would want two of May, Lux and Verdugo.
  18. Pegleg

    Red Sox accept White House invitation

    Glad to see this. About time our teams (any teams) acted mature and not as spoiled infants.
  19. Pegleg

    World Series 2018--Red Sox vs. Dodgers

    Now, imagine 1918. It's 2018. The next title would be in 2104! That brings home just how long that gap was. Hopefully, our next title will be in 2019.
  20. Pegleg

    Better anthem choices than James Taylor

    The single best National Anthem I've heard is by Toxic Audio, an acappella group. Brings me to tears every time.