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    2023 Starting Rotation

    I’m sorry, I can’t get excited about opening day starter Corey Kluber. This team has real rotation problems for the first month. Let’s keep expectations reasonable. Battle to .500 ball, and then the Calvary comes in May.
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    Let's Predict the 2023 Red Sox Season

    79-83, depth is still lacking. -Team leader in Wins? - Sale -Team leader in Saves? - Jansen -Team leader in ERA (qualifying)? - Whitlock -Team leader for Batting Average (qualifying)? - Devers -Team leader in HR? - Devers -Team leader in Stolen Bases? - KiKe -Team leader in HBP? - Justin Turner...
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    Beat The Clock

    Something not mentioned regarding the batter being ready, in theory the batter could just stare down at the catcher and try to see what button he pushes on the pitch wristband. Clearly the pitch won't be relayed until the hitter is not looking. In addition to the safety issue, which is so...
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    Noah Song’s baseball fate still In limbo

    Noah Song is not even a prospet any longer. The only way he sticks with anyone is if he pitches lights out in spring training. Even rebuilding teams aren't going to waste a roster spot for a guy who needs to be in high A, and been on a boat for three years. He's coming back.
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    What are you looking forward to in ‘23?

    I'll say this, this team is fascinating. If you squint, you can see a team that puts it all together and is dangerous in the playoffs. If you also squint, you could see disaster, but it's February and hope springs eternal. I'm really interested in the young players, Bello, Mondesi, Casas, Houck...
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    What does 2023 look like?

    So basically what Pivetta does on the big league level. I'm no fan of Pivetta, but he's the only starter that has consistently given 150+ innings for the last two seasons. Based on injury history with other starters, I'd be hesitant to move him to the pen, and I certainly wouldn't do it for a...
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    What about Bobby?

    I didn’t call him a good hitter, I said he was a better hitter. Dalbec OPS+ last year was 80, Iglesias was 90. Plus he’s a superior defender. I did post that before the modesi acquisition, but I think Jose for a bench bat makes sense.
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    Matt Barnes DFA'd, traded to Marlins for LH reliever Bleier

    To me, DFAing Barnes is fine. He's always been a JAG masquerading as an elite reliever. The classic fungible guy who get's cut and resigned throughout this career. The issue is that there is about 3 other guys who fit the same bill as that, but were worse than Barnes in Mills, Ort, and Braiser...
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I its certainly interesting.
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    Unfortunately there are stats that back this up. The Sox Pythtag under Bloom have been 74(stretched out to 162 game season for COVID year), 88, and 76. The only time we were way off on our Pythag was 6 games in 21 where we over achieved. It’s not nothing, but for a site that really leans heavily...
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    Exactly, like acquiring Hosmer and Pham indicates that you’re going for it. Bloom tried to thread the needle of trading enough salary away to get under the threshold and getting minor “improvements” that may put us in playoff contention. He failed at both.
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    Henry & Bloom booed at Winter Weekend

    I think we need to cool our jets on McGuire. He had a hot 6 weeks, with a lot of seeing eye singles. Is he now a catcher who can hit .280, with A defense...maybe, but his major league profiles says that's unlikely. More likely we get a pretty mediocre hitter who's a plus defender. I'm fine with...
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    Sox Sign OF Adam Duvall to 1 year deal

    Probably a trade would be my guess. We sign Andrus and come up right against the threshold number, then there is definitely a possibility we're in the same situation we are last year. 2-3 games outside a playoff spot, don't drop any payroll, and then fall over the threshold after incentives kick in.
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    The only issue with sending Pivetta in a Kim deal is that you're putting even more eggs in the Sale / Paxton basket. I'd be hesitant to trade a guy who's probably going to be good for 180 innings, with our pitching health concerns. If you make this deal, then it's for 24, not so much for 23.
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    I would argue that your post reads like you're starting from a rose colored glasses position and working backward to justify it. The bottom line is that you're making the same point. This team has a LOT of question marks. It's not what you want heading into spring training during a critical year...
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    Do you think that Chaim Bloom came to Boston with a bad rap?

    I was mostly meh about the hire. Not happy, not mad, just took a wait and see approach. So far he's not met expectations. While folks are correct in pointing out that the roster he inherited was not as good as believed, and was on the downside from 2018, it's also correct to say that the current...
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    What about Bobby?

    I keep seeing the argument for keeping him for infield depth. This makes no sense to me. He's an acceptable defender at 3rd, bad at first, and not really capable of playing 2nd or SS. That's not the type of depth we need. Bring on Iglasias for 7-8m who can play all over the IF, and is also a...
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    Red Sox do not sign Yuli Gurriel

    Agreed, I think Duvall is a better fit for this club, but the Guriel deal in a vacuum isn't anything to get too worked up over one way or another on. If the number comes in higher than 5m though, I reserve the right to change my mind.
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    Red Sox do not sign Yuli Gurriel

    I'll wait for the financials before I pass total judgement, if true. First blush it probably means Dalbec is gone before spring training is over. I'm pretty meh on the deal, if Guriel has anything left it could be a decent value signing for a bench bat. If he sucks and the number he signed to is...
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    This sums up my thoughts well. I would move my faith rating up from 20% to 50% so not quite as bullish, but definitely feeling better.