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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    But what if they believe the level of competition is (mostly? partially?) irrelevant to the skills they are working on? I would think this would be especially true of defensive skills and habits. I don't find it hard to imagine a situation where the major league staff have identified some very...
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    Is it possible that Mort might be called to testify in some way and can't say anything? The part with him saying he hopes they can revisit after it is settled in Brady's favor is a bit odd.
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    A's @ Royals AL Wild Card Game Thread

    Truth - I have a friendly wager on Oak and have found myself rooting for KC right now. Oak had their chance and these KC kids are fun to watch and Yost is keeping it intresting.
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    Should baseball expand again?

      True, looking at the Nielsen site I pulled the info from only has continental US apparently.   The only issue I have with PR is the travel issues... I might be wrong but I find it hard to believe that a team based there wouldn't have to deal with a higher level of fatigue just from the travel...
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    Should baseball expand again?

      Using DMAs the 10 biggest markets without an MLB team are: (and the markets within 200 miles) 1) Orlando, FL (TB) 2) Sacramento, CA (OAK & SF) 3) Portland, OR (SEA) 4) Raleigh-Durham, NC (NONE) 5) Charlotte, NC (NONE) 6) Indianapolis, IN (CIN) 7) Nashville, TN (NONE) 8) Hartford, CT (BOS, NYY...
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    MLB: Greater parity than the NFL?

      I've said for a while you can't really compare the sucess of NFL franchises (not only on the field but on the business side as well) with any other sport. It is much easier for a small market to succede because more people are willing to follow a team because of the time commitment to follow...