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  1. Derek's Friend

    Draft Lottery Game Thread

    I just ran the ESPN Sim three times and Celts got #1 each one. Please let that be a sign. I agree about being more nervous irrationally about tonight than last night. At least the C's could control last night with a good game. It's all luck tonight. Been a long couple of days at work this week.
  2. Derek's Friend

    NBA trade season

    Beyond this they are changing the structure of free agency to make it much harder to sign top tier free agents away from their current teams. The Ringer said that for Steph Curry to leave GS he'd have to leave more than 75 Mil on the table. So either you luck out in the draft or you make...
  3. Derek's Friend

    NBA trade season

    I saw yesterday that Kenneth Faried might be available. He seems to be putting up number consistent with his career but is playing about 4 minutes less a game. This seems like something I'd think the Celts would be interested in looking in to. They need a banger that can get them the boards...
  4. Derek's Friend

    Propose Your Celtics Draft Pick Trades Here

    I'd do that all day if I'm the Celts and Bulls. No chance if I'm the Wolves. Would need a better return like the Celtics swap next year or something.