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  1. SamCassellsStones

    Damar Hamlin is headed home to Buffalo!

    We'd been talking about commotio cordis (~sudden chest impact at a specific time during the heart beat cycle); this is a rare event which may lead to cardiac arrest (= heart stops beating).
  2. SamCassellsStones

    Brady is back….back again

    Isn't Brady to the Jets a no-brainer? Seems like a team that has everything it needs to be a serious contender except the QB, and no QB currently on the roster standing in his way. Championship-calibre defence, but on offense are they really a QB away? Jets Oline is tough to judge because of...
  3. SamCassellsStones

    That’s my quarterback!……or is he?

    Mac was considered a ‘high floor/low ceiling’ pick - with the ‘floor’ presumably being a capable if unspectacular fringe NFL starter/ solid backup. But this thinking, probably, overestimated him. Realistically, his floor should have been ‘not an NFL player’ , given the talent on that Alabama...
  4. SamCassellsStones

    That’s my quarterback!……or is he?

    I would be irrationally excited by this. He’s always seemed likeable, and despite his limitations (below average arm strength, limited mobility due to advancing age and injury history, has benefitted from excellent offensive talent and a scheme that apparently literally any random undrafted...
  5. SamCassellsStones

    The Blame Game: Pick the Single Biggest Issue With the Offense

    “"I think they’re both good coaches [Judge and Patricia]…. "Ultimately, it’s my responsibility, like it always is. So if it doesn’t go well, blame me." - Bill Belichick, ~September of this year. Accordingly, as it isnt going well, I blame Belichick. Honestly it’s hard to evaluate individual...
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    The Game Ball Thread: Wk. 11 vs NYJ

    Game GOAT to the defense, and also, that game was a giant sack of dog shit
  7. SamCassellsStones

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    I had never heard the term “garbage time merchant” before - but now I will associate it with Gardner Minshew until the end of my days.
  8. SamCassellsStones

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Mac aspires to be Jimmy G; Jimmy G is accurate into tight windows over the middle of the field. Mac looked really off with his accuracy today, even when he did have time to throw.
  9. SamCassellsStones

    La Canfora: Why is there so much bad football in the NFL?

    Agree with you on this - actually find lower scoring games more interesting, as defense + special teams have more impact on the game. More strategy overall in the sport when all three phases (as we say around here) are involved. There’s a reason the Arena League keeps folding.
  10. SamCassellsStones

    Bruins sign Mitchell Miller to an ELC - now "parting ways"

    When the story first broke this was my initial reaction. But, when I read the full details (including the years-length of the abuse), and the lack of contrition, I want the Bruins to have nothing to do with this guy. This opinion was strengthened by the post above of @Two Youks, which brought...
  11. SamCassellsStones

    The Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones Thread

    Say what you will, but he does seem resilient - for example the Cowboys game last year (seemingly fatal interception, followed by improbable long-bomb TD), and not completely defecating himself in the 2nd half of the jets game after the would-be pick 6. He’s good at overcoming sucking, which is...
  12. SamCassellsStones

    Brady is back….back again

    “My (ex)-husband cannot throw the fucking ball and catch the ball!”
  13. SamCassellsStones

    Team Mac or Team Zappe?

    This is it, Zappe zips it right where it needs to go; Mac lobs it up there with little, if any, zip. I don’t know why, I always get nervous when Mac throws, and with Zappe not so. And come on, Belichick would love to take some rando 4th round QB and just torch the league. He (Belichick) has...
  14. SamCassellsStones

    Rolling the dice - Patriots OTL staffing plan

    Predicted Pats 2022 coaching staff: HC: Bill Belichick OC: Brian Belichick DC: Steve Belichick ST coach: Linda Holliday
  15. SamCassellsStones

    Tom Brady retires

    How about Brady goes to the Raiders to team up w/ Josh, & Aaron Rodgers to the Broncos - we’d get to see Brady Rodgers Mahomes (& Herbert) in the same division! (Note: this scenario is wildly unlikely)
  16. SamCassellsStones

    Quick Super Bowl poll!

    I’d prefer the Rams not to win, as I have disdain for their approach to team-building (similar to the ~1996-2003 Miami/Florida Marlins). But, no strong rooting interest.
  17. SamCassellsStones

    NFL Playoffs - Divisional Round game thread

    Seriously. And it doesn’t help that your city is a frozen, post-industrial hell-scape. It’s a cruel, cruel game sometimes.
  18. SamCassellsStones

    The Game Ball: Wk. 13 at Buffalo

    Was not able to watch the game unfortunately. When I checked the box score in the morning, and saw Mac was 2/3 passing, I assumed he must have gotten injured, or replaced, or something else horrible happened to derail the season. Luckily, not so - Still in disbelief that a team in this era can...
  19. SamCassellsStones

    Week 12 NFL Game thread

    Why the hell am I watching this game!
  20. SamCassellsStones

    Week 11 NFL Game Thread

    Now all I can picture is the “Here comes the whoooore” TikTok meme with Bill Parcells face