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    Why aren't there more 500-foot home runs?

    That was my analysis in the Leavy book as well at the PPT that was linked.  That chapter of the Leavy book is well worth reading, no so much for my analysis as for Jane's superb detective work.  I wrote an article about the HR a few years back:
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    Number crunching and its uses

    If we had accesses to batted ball data, either from HITf/x or from TrackMan (the latter being part of the new StatCast system), we could come up with precise definitions of line drive, fly ball, popup, etc. based on the combination of batted ball speed and vertical launch angle.  Unfortunately...
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    Flat Seamed Baseballs in the NCAA...will they come to the MLB?

    I am in complete agreement with SonJox. 
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    Flat Seamed Baseballs in the NCAA...will they come to the MLB?

    The new flat-seam ball used by NCAA is actually the MiLB baseball, not the MLB baseball.  The Washington State crew and I did an experiment last year comparing raised-seam NCAA, MiLB, and MLB baseballs for their "carry".  The results are in an article we wrote for Baseball Prospectus.  Since it...
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    Thanksgiving, Red Sox Style: Your Biggest Single SoxGasm Moment

    September 28, 1960, Ted's last AB, the HR, and the brilliant Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu (John Updike).  To this day I get highly emotional when reading the Updike essay.
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    Cespedes to Reds?...uhhh no

    Or Spiro Agnew.
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    We're Talking Baseball: 2014 Sabermetrics, Scouting, and the Science of Baseball - SOLD OUT AGAIN!!!

    Also count me as biased, but this event has been the highlight of my summer for each of the past three years. I expect it will be this year also. Of all the possible baseball-related events during the year (SABR Analytics, SABR Convention, Sloan Sports Analytics, ...), this is my favorite.
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    Introducing Statlas: data visualization and discussion of every pitch/play of every baseball game

    One of the creators of Statlas, Geoffrey Beck, is the son of one my Physics Department colleagues at U of Illinois.
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    Options for Drew: Tigers, Mets, Yankees etc..

    Jim Bowden just tweeted:  "Iglesias will miss most of 2014 with shin injury according to another player that is close to him. Speculation that Tigers will pursue Drew"
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    Let's Talk about the manager -- The John Farrell Thread

    While I have been among those who advocated Berry as PR for Gomes, I find RHF's argument compelling.  However, I am not willing to let Farrell off the hook for not having warmup action more quickly in the 6th.  At least it allows you to keep your options open about pulling Buch as the inning...