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  1. NoXInNixon

    Warner Bros. Discovery tells teams it is leaving RSN business

    The Cable TV model is dying, and has been dying for some time now, so I hope teams are planning for what's coming next. I can absolutely see a future for NESN as a standalone streaming service, especially if they can add the Celtics.
  2. NoXInNixon

    Kyrie is dirty rotten no good and we have schadenfreude…?

    Sorry for the derail, but I read the article you linked to, and had to share this quote from it, because it will never cease giving me joy: "If there’s one Celtics move that looks bad in retrospect, it isn’t necessarily trying and failing to acquire Butler or George, it’s trading the No. 1...
  3. NoXInNixon

    How to improve the WR position

    None of the mock drafts I've seen have a WR going in the top 10. Which means it's highly likely that whichever WR is #1 on the Pat's draft board will be available at 14. At worst, #2. Lots of other teams have had success pairing a great young WR with their young QB. That's what I'd do.
  4. NoXInNixon

    Patriots to play in Germany in 2023

    Why wouldn't it be? KC is also playing a home game in Germany. If they schedule the two games on back to back weeks, it will only require three teams to travel to Europe instead of four.
  5. NoXInNixon

    Patriots' Priorities for the 2023 Season

    And next year they play 10 games against playoff teams. 3 more than this year. Also, the Jets with any other QB than Zack Wilson are a playoff team, and no one expects him to be back, so that's 12 games against playoff teams. The schedule is brutal next season.
  6. NoXInNixon

    Patriots' Priorities for the 2023 Season

    That game works both ways. If Kyler Murray doesn't go down and Tua doesn't get a concussion, they go 0-7 to end the year at 6-11.
  7. NoXInNixon

    Patriots' Priorities for the 2023 Season

    These are the quarterbacks in the AFC playoff field: Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Lawrence, Herbert, Jackson, Tua (maybe) Those are seven young quarterbacks, all of whom are young, and all of whom are significantly better than Mac Jones. Maybe Tua can't stay healthy, so we're down to six, but then...
  8. NoXInNixon

    my guess for the week 18 sch

    Here's my full proposal: Bills and Bengals get a week 18 bye. Their regular seasons are over, and they finish with records of 12-3 and 11-4. If the Chiefs win this week, they're the #1 seed. If the Chiefs lose, the Bills are the #1 seed. The Bengals are the #3 seed no matter what happens. Sure...
  9. NoXInNixon

    my guess for the week 18 sch

    Could they audible into having the Patriots play the Ravens this week while the Bills and Bengals get a bye week? That gives the teams that need a week off a week off, and minimizes disruption to determining who the 7th seed is.
  10. NoXInNixon

    2022-23 NBA Game Thread

    In a world where Covid never happened, the Lakers probably don't win that title, and the AD deal is viewed as one of the worst ever.
  11. NoXInNixon

    2023 Starting Rotation

    If starters are pitching fewer innings per start, why can't they pitch more frequently? If someone only goes 1 inning, you bring him back on one day's rest to be the first guy out of the bullpen.
  12. NoXInNixon

    That’s my quarterback!……or is he?

    I wonder how much of that was overcompensation for the criticism he got for his poor attempt at tackling on the final play last week.
  13. NoXInNixon

    Worst play in NFL history POLL

    Why couldn't he have thrown a flea flicker? There hadn't yet been a forward pass.
  14. NoXInNixon

    Steve Nash fired, Jacque Vaughn to Brooklyn

    I'm trying to think of a more detestable team in the entire history of sports. Not coming up with one. The Yankees don't count, as they are their own category.
  15. NoXInNixon

    Red sox and Devers discussing a 7 year deal?

    Without good, young, cheap, talent, it's nearly impossible to put together a great team. Nobody has enough dollars to buy a 100% free agent team, certainly not the Red Sox. So if none of their prospects pan out, they're screwed with or without X and Devers. But if the prospects do pan out, it's...
  16. NoXInNixon

    Hockey "Culture" and Sexual Assault

    You're the one mentally adding the word "only" to the comment to make it seem worse. What's closer to his point is that fewer women would watch if the men were less attractive. It's like saying more women would watch a movie starring Brad Pitt than the same movie starring an equally good actor...
  17. NoXInNixon

    2023 NBA Draft: Wem! Ban! Thank You Yam!

    Bet the under on all of them. This is going to be the tankiest year in the history of tanking.
  18. NoXInNixon

    Hockey "Culture" and Sexual Assault

    Then it sure is a good thing the quoted tweet doesn't say that.
  19. NoXInNixon

    Hockey "Culture" and Sexual Assault

    Wait, it's shitty now to say that people like to watch attractive people do things?
  20. NoXInNixon

    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    Running an organization that takes ethics seriously is arguably more important than winning. Ask the Suns' soon-to-be ex owner.