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    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top: The Man is Non-stop

    What stood out to me in watching this is just how SLOW he looked, and I mean that in a good way. Just completely in control, dissecting the game and the defense.
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    Celtics sign Al Horford to a 2-year extension

    I couldn't be happier. I'm frankly shocked that at 10m per year. LETS GOOOO
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    Mazzulla: Interim or Permanent...and When?

    I agree. If I were Mazullla I'd be pissed if the interim tag dragged into the playoffs. Everyone deserves clarity. Clarity is emancipation.
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    Jayson Tatum's Rise to the Top: The Man is Non-stop

    This version of Tatum is damned exciting. Is this his idealized version? What would we have him do differently to take the next step?
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    11/5 at Knicks

    Couldn't agree more. Hope to see him in more closing lineups in tight games. He's just so solid in every way. I'd rather they bench smart for him, but realistically it will be White
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    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    Coaches can't challenge non-calls.
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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    It is truly, truly brutal. AB and Ye deserve each other.... but what in the world is JB doing in that circle? Its like when your brilliant high school friend started hanging out with losers and drug addicts. That always went one of two ways... it was a phase, or they joined their ranks...
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    10/21: Bienvenido a Miami

    I think I utter the word 'wow...' under my breath watching Brown more than anyone. I love his game
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    10/21: Bienvenido a Miami

    Vonleh has been pleasantly surprising. Makes me feel like acquiring a backup big isn't a
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    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    If Mazzula can keep this team in the top 3 of the east by season's end, I think there's a very good chance he's coach of the year. Hard to remember a time where a coach was put into such a tough situation just days before training camp, and as a rookie and the youngest coach in the league, no...
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    10-18-2022: Sixers @ Celtics

    This was fun. So glad the NBA is back
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    Ime Udoka suspended for the 22-23 season

    Deets please. Hearing about Perk making a fool of himself is one of the only things that could cheer me up today.
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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    Back when I was swimming at a high level, there was a belief that intense cardio at 8ft of depth and below would lead to some benefits. I think it was a similar principle as working out at high altitudes developing more hemoglobin which would then lead to better cardio at sea levels? I think...
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    2022 Top 125 Players Ranked in Tiers - The Athletic

    On The Athletic NBA Show Podcast, the other hosts were really ripping into Parnow. Safe to say we were not the only folks who took umbrage with the rankings (though no one felt Tatum was too low). A lot of questioning of Kawhi being so high despite the injury concerns. They did question having...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Excellent. I hope the penalties for the bench decorum stuff have some teeth. The free throw + possession should be enough of a deterrent to mitigate most or all take-fouls, right? I'd imagine the expect value of 1 FT + possession is higher than the EV of a fastbreak. Might depend slightly on...
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Completely with you on this take
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    What's left this off season?

    Aron Baynes... Bring the big man home
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    Offseason Rumors/News

    Sure, but its not a spot you want to be in, and the Wizards are missing an important tool: that your organization or city is a destination landing. Could Washington find a taker for that contract in 3 years after they attach some picks? Sure. Hard to see how that's a recipe for becoming...