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  1. Pearl Wilson

    Lou Brock passes at 81

    He made baseball so exciting! Big reason I enjoyed watching with my folks. RIP. Posnanski's piece on Brock's life is in The Athletic and is free. Looking forward to reading it.
  2. Pearl Wilson

    Rick Porcello, Mr. Met

    I voted for Rick in the Tommy John contest whenever I got the chance. I'm happy I never won it. One of my fond memories of him was (as a Tiger) how he acquitted himself when Youks charged the mound after a HBP. View:
  3. Pearl Wilson

    MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred: ‘We Need To Make A Change To The Baseball’

    This. But how do you begin to find "the happy medium? Who doesn't remember a young pitcher bleeding all over his white pants from blisters? A young Justin Verlander comes to mind, for me. He made changes to compensate. Health issues in the population of pitchers must be really hard to track...
  4. Pearl Wilson


    I remember it too, Rip. After that he was always surrounded and handled his celebrity with aplomb. Cathy handled it all with extreme grace. The tributes and memories posted here along with thoughts of Stiffy have consumed my afternoon. Time well spent. Cathy, you are in my heart! It was Bob's...
  5. Pearl Wilson

    Day Baseball Today

    I wouldn't tell you if there were.
  6. Pearl Wilson

    Day Baseball Today

    Just got underway @ White Sox
  7. Pearl Wilson

    Rocco Baldelli: new Twins manager.

    Please explain, don't be coy! Good for Baldelli! He went through some tough times (healthwise) while he was in Boston and handled it with such grace.
  8. Pearl Wilson

    Are you worried about the Red Sox?

    Of course I am worried! I voted 6. The Sox won their last 4 out of 10, mfys won their last 8 out of 10. DUH.
  9. Pearl Wilson

    Layout messed up in Firefox due to mixed content

    Brother can you spare an update for a PC FireFox user? TIA. Using I.E. for now.
  10. Pearl Wilson

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    I asked for and got a refund. NESN is available in my area but NESN+ is not. I called and spoke to an actual person (so points to them); I pointed out that I was out-of-market for the Red Sox when they are broadcast on NESN+ and therefore ought to be able to watch on MLBTV. The guy was nice but...
  11. Pearl Wilson

    Matt Harvey Just got DFA

    Matt Harvey is a Red.
  12. Pearl Wilson

    Following Former Red Sox 2017

    Cubs put Uehara on DL, call up Grimm Reliever exited Tuesday's loss with neck strain, but Maddon not too concerned
  13. Pearl Wilson

    David Price 2017

    If I may refer to the Price-Eckersly thing... there was just a quick remark in the game commentary by Eck that Rodriguez was kinda his protoge (meaning Price). Sorry - I just thought it worth a mention.
  14. Pearl Wilson

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    Is MLB still trying to expand the game to the rest of the world? Just wondering.
  15. Pearl Wilson

    Jerry Remy: Players should 'learn baseball language'

    I was truly shocked to hear him express this sentiment. My husband, who is not a native English speaker (but speaks it well) was downright offended. I watch a lot with the tv muted, so I have to ask - has Remy has been more off-the-cuff this year than previous years?
  16. Pearl Wilson

    April MLB game thread

    Verlander is really getting knocked around.
  17. Pearl Wilson

    Which type of plate discipline is eating Panda?

    That Tomase story with Krukow voicing his opinion that Panda has an eating disorder - wouldn't you know that when I clicked on it to read the background for it was a big ol' ad for junk food (including some of my favorites). That's messed up.
  18. Pearl Wilson

    Super Bowl 50 Game Thread

    EXACTLY. Said same to Mr. Wilson. I don't know about you but from me, this would be a compliment.