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  1. pantsparty

    Kevin Youkilis to be NESN's primary color analyst on Red Sox broadcasts in 2023

    I liked Youk, particularly as the season went along and he better understood the role. He really understands hitting and provides excellent insight in that area of the game. I don't remember watching a game Middlebrooks called, but look forward to getting an opportunity to do so. The one game I...
  2. pantsparty

    Triston Casas promoted, Bobby Dalbec demoted

    Yeah. In hearing people talk about prospects I've never quite understood when they describe hitter's approach at the plate and how you can see even in plate appearances with bad outcomes how some players have a plan at the plate. In watching the difference between a Dalbec and Casas at-bat, it's...
  3. pantsparty

    Red Sox on the Radio

    I have two guesses: 1) that radio doesn't pay enough for any former player to consider it 2) doing PBP for radio involves a LOT of talking, and switching off every few innings between the primary PBP person allows them to avoid destroying their voices.
  4. pantsparty

    Sawamura DFA

    I remember being introduced to Hi-Chew after reading about how he ingratiated himself to the clubhouse last year by giving them a bunch of it, and it is delicious. So thanks for that.
  5. pantsparty

    Reviewing the last 5 drafts.

    Yeah, 2011 was the last year without actual penalties for spending over slot - that year and before slot bonuses were just a suggestion. That's part of why the 2011 draft was so productive - both players (well, their agents mostly) and teams knew this was the last year before draft bonuses would...
  6. pantsparty

    2022 Tennis

    Coco Gauff and Jess Pegula won the Canadian Open doubles title, which makes Coco now the #1 ranked women's doubles player.
  7. pantsparty

    Franchy Cordero recalled to the major league team

    I thought that guy looked familiar
  8. pantsparty

    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    I've been enjoying Youk lately. He's loosened up a bit and I think he does a good job mixing fun banter with actual analysis - I think he does a particularly good job breaking down hitting.
  9. pantsparty

    Celtics hire Ime Udoka as HC

    Someone on twitter caught this moment where Ime directs Grant with a quick finger motion, resulting in a bucket
  10. pantsparty

    Marcus Smart is your 2021-2022 Defensive POY

    Yeah, I remember that. Must be why Jaylen was so quick to join the celebration last night, which I thought was absolutely hilarious.
  11. pantsparty

    Marcus Smart is your 2021-2022 Defensive POY

    Good thing Brad extended him before he won this. And the video of him getting the announcement and immediately the whole team dumping water on him makes me so happy.
  12. pantsparty

    How about a Laker Elimination Day.

    Ah, thanks. I was looking at an older article that had wrong info. I found a newer article that backs up what you said.
  13. pantsparty

    How about a Laker Elimination Day.

    Not only do they not own their draft pick for this coming draft, the Pelicans also own the Lakers' first round pick unprotected in 2024, as well as unprotected pick swaps in 2023 and 2025. They aren't drafting in the lottery any time soon unless the Pelicans also suck in one of the swap years.
  14. pantsparty

    Arizona Fall League

    The Sox Prospects guys had been talking on their podcast that players on the 40 man wouldn't be eligible to be sent to the AFL, looks like that changed?
  15. pantsparty

    Tennis 2021

    Not sure if anyone else watched, but Coco Gauff and Caty McNally advanced to the women's doubles final. They were in a first set tie breaker when one of their opponents - Luisa Stefani - tried to change direction at the net and went down in a heap when her knee buckled, eventually needing to be...
  16. pantsparty

    Tennis 2021

    I hadn't really watched a full match by Emma until now. She's just flat out good. Hyped for the final!
  17. pantsparty

    Tennis 2021

    Sakkari isn't getting anywhere near enough of her first serves in, and Ratacanu is doing an excellent job of aggressively punishing her second serves.
  18. pantsparty

    Triston Casas- 2018 Draft #26 overall

    Anything that travels that far oughta have a damn stewardess on it, don't you think?
  19. pantsparty

    Minor league thread 2021

    When the fangraphs article says that he casts his changeup on occasion, does "casts" have some pitching-specific meaning? Because I'm currently imagining Seabold casting his chageup spell like a wizard.