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  1. canyoubelieveit

    Let's Predict the 2023 Red Sox Season

    BAYLOR! Well-played.
  2. canyoubelieveit

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    OMG that is so delicious. I don't need to eat dessert for the next two weeks.
  3. canyoubelieveit

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    I'd actually prefer that GROIN LOCK refer to any 3-run homer given up by a Yankee. 1. More opportunity to use it 2. I kinda like Nestor edit 3. Would be enjoyable to scroll through a full gamethread page of GROIN LOCK!!! whenever the Yankees give up a 3-run HR
  4. canyoubelieveit

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    Baseball is famously a game of inches (or even "a game of inch" in the words of sometimes-right Dingus McCarver), but those 2 Astros runs in the 7th only played out the way they did because Altuve was safe by an impossibly small margin to lead off the inning.'s still the greatest.
  5. canyoubelieveit

    Happy Yankees Elimination Day!

    When the Yankees go down 3-0 in a series, a tiny part of me gets nervous about the small chance that they become the second team to achieve the nearly impossible, which would suck. But not this year. Happy YED to one and all!
  6. canyoubelieveit

    Yankees must win for Red Sox to get passion again!

    Wishing everyone a happy 18th anniversary of the 2004 ALCS game 7 win (since the game ended just after midnight). I still care. *A Scrabblegram uses each of the 100 Scrabble tiles exactly once. View:
  7. canyoubelieveit

    Poll: How long will the MLB lockout last?

    Came to this thread to see if anyone else had exactly this reaction. His letter looks like a draft you'd write because it's how you feel, before a level-headed advisor tells you how you need to be more of a grown-up and a diplomat, and so you revise it accordingly before sharing it with the...
  8. canyoubelieveit

    SOSH has a new author

    Yes indeed, was deciding on the right time to come back here and post once more. I'm still riding the high of a great Sox season, and I happen to live in Atlanta so I can convince myself that I still have meaningful baseball to root for (even though I don't approve of the Tomahawk Chop). I...
  9. canyoubelieveit

    Sox-related Intergenerational Trauma

    I didn't think I had more tears to shed on this subject matter. I did. I'm 47. Thank you for this beautiful little masterpiece.
  10. canyoubelieveit

    Sox-related Intergenerational Trauma

    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet (or my apologies if I missed it), but Four Days in October is a pretty good way to introduce the Red Sox past to a newbie with instant gratification following the brief traumatic recap. I watched this with my daughter (who has no interest in baseball) when...
  11. canyoubelieveit

    Unlikable current Sox players from a Yankee perspective?

    Hello dear SoSH colleagues / fans of my rivals. Hope this is appropriate as a new thread topic. I was curious who might be the most disliked players on the current Red Sox roster from the perspective of a Yankees fan. It's typical to like the players on one's own team while demonizing players...
  12. canyoubelieveit

    The 2021 World Series: Braves vs. Astros

    Wow, that's a magnificent wordbreak at the end. Tobias Funke would be proud.
  13. canyoubelieveit

    At This Point in the Season, What Would You Consider a Success?

    Sometimes I have to remember to not only be grateful for things that happen, but for things that don't. Once the Sox beat the Yankees in the WC game I said that I'd be happy no matter what. But I realized earlier today, that had the Red Sox become the second team to blow a 3-0 lead in an ALCS...
  14. canyoubelieveit

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    I feel like Darwinzon is likely to pitch well in a low to medium leverage situation and to do poorly in a high leverage situation. Davis would probably be mediocre in either situation. So I like the move as long as Darwinzon is used this way (which I'm guessing he will be unless it's an...
  15. canyoubelieveit

    ALCS 2021: Red Sox vs. Astros Discussion Thread

    I agree with this, especially after all those annoying years watching Andy Pettitte start and win a game 2.
  16. canyoubelieveit

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    Even without the context, that's possibly the worst check swing call I've ever seen. Add the context and I have no words.
  17. canyoubelieveit

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    Not even close. That's a damn travesty.
  18. canyoubelieveit

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    That was the best pitch he'll see
  19. canyoubelieveit

    2021 NLDS 101: Giants v. Dodgers Game Thread

    It was a strike, but fuck this ump.