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    What Are Fans Entitled To?

    Entitlements vs expectations I feel entitled to 9 innings of the highest level of competitive play with proper enforcement of the rules on a regulation field I expect to be disappointed
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    There’s no wrong way to grieve. But I thank you for your honesty, and the criticism is noted. You could have ignored but instead what me to edit better. I respect that. Last sentence sucks. There’s no going back excelsior
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    100% I was being silly. I’ll see myself out and go back to lurking.
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    Poll: Rate Your Faith in the Red Sox Front Office

    Extending Devers helps me feel safely cradled in the benevolence of Bloom’s plan. I still think Bloom is exciting and love the idea of him building around Devers. He was the youngest of the Bloom options and it makes sense enough. Faith doesn’t require the most concrete of evidence to work. I...
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    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    I always felt we are the best fans in baseball because of what we have all collectively gone through. It makes sense to win 4 and finish last more.
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    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    I’d say being in NY certainly hurts. Yesterday I had four people bring up Bogaerts to me at work. I also have two brothers that are fans and we talk daily about this team. TBH I am not sure Bogaerts, despite the solid play, is the kind of star that would ignite interest. Especially over the...
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    How interested are you in the Red Sox at this point?

    Thanks for checking in on all of us Tom. You’re reading each response right? Classic. I’m still all in on the Red Sox, Tom. Favorite team. Favorite sport. My kid misses Mookie and is awfully sad to learn Xander is gone. She also wished Strahm was coming back. He was the closest to a baseball...
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    Xander Bogaerts has opted out of his contract

    Hanley Ramirez and Blake Swihart are still in the rear view mirror, but would Xander to LF be another bad idea? Not right away, but years from now. Mayer is up and ready and Story settled and steady at 2B. Verdugo, if not traded before then, will be a FA 2025. What makes that type of transition...
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    Jarren Duran: Another Foray to Worcester

    I don’t see his finger up, but is Duran doing that thing where where he blows into a closed fist and the middle finger pops up?
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    Sox acquire Eric Hosmer

    I found this promising. Scroll down to see Ferguson’s write up where he mentions Rosier. The guy is a true base stealer who could possibly play a good 2nd and/or CF.
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    Status of Boston's Farm System

    Fangraphs seems reluctant to tag 60 FVs on pitchers. Looking at their Board of top prospects, only 4 of the 18 60+ prospects are pitchers. Four of the top 10 Red Sox prospects on FG are pitchers. Six of the top 13. 25 if the 51 on the list pitch To me that Fangraphs seems to think we have a...
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    7-12 Grand Opening Sale

    “Oh man, Poodle is hurt” My 7 year old calls Strahm, Poodle. Is that a thing? Do they call him that? I don’t get to watch as much as she does, but she’s saying she made it up.
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    Minor league thread 2022

    Considering his hit tool is what got the lower grades, Jordan’s .291 AVG signals a better approach or maybe improved pitch recognition. His .467 SLG is mostly from 18 doubles. He’s a teenager for the rest of the season! I’m excited to read what the evaluators have to say about his development...
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    Minor league thread 2022

    Rafeala was written about by David Laurila of Fangraphs. Mentioned he speaks the same 4 languages as Xander! I would love for those two to play on the same team. Currently, Rafeala is slugging .788 with a .269 BABIP
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    Former players in talks to join NESN booth

    There was an awkward moment around the 7th/8th inning when DO started talking and Millar interrupted. O’Brien continued, and said “Kevin” like he was speaking to Millar the whole time. He wasn’t. He was just broadcasting, but he wove Kevin’s name in there to masterfully disguise the interruption...
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    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    No, not serious one bit. Sorry. I should have marked that for sarcasm. I was just racking my brain for a way to describe usage and pitch type without saying arsenal. That word could be a trigg… catalyst. I will go back to lurking. Dick Mountain is fun to route for. And he’s become a real junk...
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    Alex Cora-- what do we have here? Perhaps the best manager in baseball.

    Could we PLeAsE keep the conservative vs. liberal stuff off the main board. Also, I could see a faux IL stint for Hill once one of our IL arms (pitching arms, not artillery) returns. Couple week Staycation. Half of Hill’s pitches this year have been breaking balls, and a split finger instead...
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    There is a game and we need a thread 05/18

    I liked Youk yelling “go go”
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    Minor league thread 2022

    SP #19 prospect Cedanne Rafaela up to 6 home runs so far after hitting 10 last year. (39 extra base hits) There are not many write ups on him due to his fringe status. Fangraphs has written about his solid contact skills, Sox Prospects mentions the sneaky power. But this is quite a start...