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    How do you feel now about this team, as opposed to earlier in the off-season?

    I voted for same. I don't have much hope for a better than .500 season. Offense likely to be about the same as last year. Production from 1B should be better, provided Dalbec doesn't ever play again. Production from SS will be lower. I expect the outfield production to improve. DH will probably...
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    Joe Castiglione Cutting Back

    I didn't listen to a lot of games on the radio last year, but the ones I did catch with Flemming on the call were not fun. He just struck me as not a student of the game. Not that a PBP guy needs to be a historian, but it seemed like every time there was a dialogue about something that happened...
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    Who Will Be the 2023 Opening Day Starter?

    Hopefully, a healthy Chris Sale. The pessimist in me says they'll re-sign Rich Hill in early February and he'll be the opening day starter.
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    Bruce Sutter splits

    I saw him in Cooperstown this summer. He didn't look well. You would have thought he was 89, not 69. I recently learned that Sutter had his own Bonilla-like contract.
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    The Brady (Anderson) Bunch

    I'm not sure if this fits the definition. Matt Clement had a great first half in 2005 going 10-2 and making the AL All-star roster for the only time in 9 seasons. Then he got hit in the head shortly after the all-star break and was never the same again.
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    Stars that faded away...

    Stephen Strasburg seems to be on the way to making the list of stars who have faded away. He signed $245m/7 year extension after 2019. He has pitched 31 innings since then. View...
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    Absentee landlord 8/31....

    Keep this pitcher in! He can even make JD look good again!
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    Absentee landlord 8/31....

    Turned it on just in time to see that. Hopefully, the rest of the game goes that well.
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    This Is Who We Are - 8/30

    I like Eck's optimism.
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    This Is Who We Are - 8/30

    Well one more batter and Cora can pull him. But he won't.
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    This Is Who We Are - 8/30

    This looks like a team that's just playing out the string. Dropped fly balls, can't keep track of outs, running into outs...
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    La belleza de Brayan Bello

    The home plate ump last night was awful (Eck was beside himself a few times), but Bello did lose it in the fifth. At one point he threw seven balls in a row and it would have been eight had it not been for terrible home plate umpiring.
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    8/26 Make Chaim Pay

    Keep Heidi out there! We can use the runs.
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    8/26 Make Chaim Pay

    Gwynn was on the Padres team that got swept by the Yankees. The Yankees were so much better that I was just rooting for Gwynn to have a good series and not get swept.
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    Following Former Red Sox 2022 Edition

    Jed Lowrie DFA'd He had a nice bounce back last year after a couple of injury-plagued years, but it looks like that was the last hurrah. He's struggled this year at age 38.
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    The White Sox have traded catcher Reese McGuire & Taylor Broadway to the Red Sox for Jake Diekman

    I guess that makes sense even if I don't like it (the lottery tickets for Vazquez part).
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    The White Sox have traded catcher Reese McGuire & Taylor Broadway to the Red Sox for Jake Diekman

    Why? I have no idea what Bloom is doing at this deadline. He traded a solid catcher and character guy for prospects. Then he goes out and gets the opposite of that. I hope there's a better long term plan that's yet to be revealed.
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    After Babe Ruth ... who?

    Wade Boggs leaving was the hardest one for me for many reasons. All of those reasons came flooding back when I saw Boggs a few times in Cooperstown last weekend. I learned about baseball and became a Red Sox fan in the early-mid 80s and Boggs was a cornerstone of the franchise. In 89 when he got...
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    Eovaldi’s Return

    That was unexpected! We'll take it!
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    Obscure MLB rule(s)

    I wonder if it was created on the heels of the 1919 Black Sox scandal as an anti-gambling measure. After a quick Google search, I found this Rob Neyer article addressing the reasons for the rule: