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  1. BillMuellerFanClub

    Bill O’Brien named Patriots OC

    AFAIK, Saban wants his OCs to run the Sark/Bama offense. Mac taught the offense to O’Brien after the conclusion of the season but after his hire.
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    2022-2023 General Celtics thread

    I’m legitimately concerned someone decides to offer Grant $18-20M/year in RFA. Boston can match any offer. In a vacuum, as a (very good) 3&D wing, he’s not worth that. However, Brad cannot lose his spot for nothing as they’re up against the cap ceiling. Grant has shown some real growth...
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    The OC Search

    Just a thought but, considering his close proximity to the Flores lawsuit, Bill is probably right to cast a wide net and give the impression that they’re truly going through this process with little-to-no predisposition. There are writers all over the country ready to skewer him for doing token...
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    Forget Bolf, Let's Talk Frolf: The Disc Golf Thread

    In what might be some of the most significant news of the disc golf offseason: Simon Lizotte is leaving Discmania. Has been rumored to be moving to MVP, but no announcement on that yet. It’s kind of epic to see a niche sport with free agency speculation and buzz. View...
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    Red Sox extend Devers—11 years, $332 million

    I've been quiet on this front because I'm ambivalent to this process. I get not wanting to give out long term contracts, and I sympathize with those who hate seeing "our guys" leave. My heart says I'm glad Raffy is potentially here for the rest of his career, but my head and my gut says there...
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    12/29: Clippers@Celtics

    Play to win, damnit. Too busy trying not to lose.
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    12/29: Clippers@Celtics

    This team is so fucking deep compared to previous editions.
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    12/29: Clippers@Celtics

    Imagine if he actually spent his time with Grant and Smart to pick up the fake DHO and drive to the basket from outside the key.
  9. BillMuellerFanClub

    12/29: Clippers@Celtics

    Yeah that TL drive on PG had me out of my seat. Not just that but I trust him more at the charity stripe than JB. I think he’s got some improvement coming if he can stay healthy and that’s a scary thought for the rest of the league.
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    12/18 - Pats at Raiders

    this critique is absolutely mind boggling to me
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    Jaylen Brown, Year 7

    Just a guess, but it’s also concievable that it was Celtics super fan Donnie who Jaylen was speaking with the most considering his regular appearances on the broadcast in floor seats. Even less of a reason to be concerned about Mark’s run in with the law all those years ago.
  12. BillMuellerFanClub

    12/5 - The team with the Dumb Mascot

    It’s been 3 possessions and I already want more Hauser minutes in the rotation. Simple play but he decked the ball and drove to the paint to put the defense in rotation. As a fucking sniper. The dude clearly “gets” the offensive game plan.
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    12/4 - The team with the Gray Floor

    Loved when Tatum pulled the chair on the KD drive and he ended up on the floor 15’ away. More of that.
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    12-2 C's Cleanse the Palate of Patriots

    Bam sets moving screens literally every possession without a whistle and Al gets a clean seal and they call it. fuck this ref crew.
  15. BillMuellerFanClub

    12-2 C's Cleanse the Palate of Patriots

    This is the kind of game I tune in for. I could care less who is playing as long as the refs call anything they can think of.
  16. BillMuellerFanClub

    12-2 C's Cleanse the Palate of Patriots

    I mentioned this is wednesday’s GT, but he’s on record as considering hanging it up after next season. Nights like tonight make that seem like the right play. Edit: let’s get banner 18 to send him off with a bang.
  17. BillMuellerFanClub

    12-2 C's Cleanse the Palate of Patriots

    no one wants to shoot tonight, doesn’t feel like anyone is looking at the rim when they’ve got the ball.