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    Bruins at Canes

    Pasta looked like a little child trying to defend a man there.
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    New Uconn Hockey place

    Wow - quite an upgrade from the fish bowls when I went!
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    1/12 - Kraken at Bruins

    It was a good run. Happy to pass the torch on
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    1/12 - Kraken at Bruins

    It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!
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    1/12 - Kraken at Bruins

    Keep the wagon rolling
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    1/8 - Bruins at Ducks

    Any reason Wagner didn’t play last night? Cap issues? Seems odd to go with 7 D when you have a spare forward.
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    1/8 - Bruins at Ducks

    The wagon rolls on. Finally a reasonable start time - 830!
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    1/7 - Bruins at Sharks

    Keep it rolling
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    1/5 - Bruins at Kings

    Tough little 3 game west coat swing upcoming albeit the sharks and ducks are at the bottom of the standings. Let’s keep the wagon rolling.
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    1/2 - Pens/Bruins at Fenway

    Winter classic day. Let’s roll.
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    12/31 - Sabres at Bruins

    Party gets started early at 1 pm vs the sabres. Let’s keep rolling.
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    12/28 - Bruins at Devils

    Shook off the cobwebs of Christmas break last night and got a point. Let’s keep rolling into New Jersey.
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    12/27 - Bruins at Sens

    Hopefully everyone had a nice Xmas break. Back to business tonight in Ottawa. Let’s keep it rolling.
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    12/24--Christmas Eve delight--We're onto Cincinnati! Pats vs. Bengals

    Same question - down in CT with no access to the game.
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    12/23 - Bruins at Devils

    The wagon rolls onto the road to take on the Devils. Last game before the holiday break. Keep rolling!
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    12/22 - Jets at Bruins

    We’re on the same page - no clue what was going through is head to do that.
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    12/22 - Jets at Bruins

    I meannnnn. A two handed cross check in front of the official on a player that didn’t have the puck. That’s a benchable penalty.
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    12/22 - Jets at Bruins

    Second goal sure seemed leaky to me…
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    12/22 - Jets at Bruins

    The wagon rolls on
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    12/19 - Panthers at Bruins

    Got back in the tracks on Saturday. Let’s keep the wagon rolling against the kitty cats.