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  1. Margo McCready

    Who will be the next manager?

    I understand they said they "parted ways" over his conduct in Houston, but, if it turns out to be true that the reports of whatever was going on in Boston in 2018 wasn't so egregious to warrant a suspension from MLB, what about re-hiring Alex Cora to be the Red Sox manager. He does seem to be...
  2. Margo McCready

    Michael Chavis, SS: 2014 MLB Draft 26th overall

    Is Chavis good at playing second base? I don’t know. Is Chavis better than Nuñez at playing second base? Yes.
  3. Margo McCready

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    It seems to me turning a double play with the runner to your back is one of the most hazardous things a baseball player has to do, even with the new rules in place. You're right though, I shouldn't have tried contributing to the conversation without data to back it up. Surprised to see...
  4. Margo McCready

    Swihart traded to Dbacks

    I think looking at Pedroia right now is a good reason not to move Mookie back to second base. Of course, that’s presuming he is extended or resigned.
  5. Margo McCready

    The Uniform

    The home whites are pretty much perfect. The only improvement would be going back to the blue undershirt, as it accentuates Red SOX. It’ll never happen, but I wish they’d go back to the mid 80s-style road grays. Blue no nonsense block lettering, no names on the back, the only red to be seen is...
  6. Margo McCready

    Let's Talk About MLBTV

    You may already know this, but you can circumvent the blackout with a VPN.
  7. Margo McCready

    This is the best Red Sox team...ever.

  8. Margo McCready

    Price is right

  9. Margo McCready

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    He's got a looong season ahead of him but his stuff looks like a legit Cy Young candidate. AND he takes Cy Young winners deep? Unbelievable.
  10. Margo McCready

    Going to LAAA in 2018 - Shohei Ohtani

    I can not believe what I'm seeing right now. Going right after hitters with 99 mph gas on the black and a Koji-esque splitter. Mixing in a slider that nails the bottom corner every time, too. Just wow.
  11. Margo McCready

    MILB announces new rule changes. Including runner placement in extras

    This is precisely why the precedent of the automatic intentional walk was so ominous. I think it's part of what kept baseball special compared to the other major sports, every outcome of the game has been dictated by the players on the field. No penalties, nothing granted. It's unfortunate that...
  12. Margo McCready

    The 12th Annual Tommy John Surgery Contest

    Vince Velasquez
  13. Margo McCready

    The 1st Annual MLB Torn ACL contest

    Gary Sanchez
  14. Margo McCready

    MILB announces new rule changes. Including runner placement in extras

    Didn't Manfred float this blasphemy last year? Is it me, or is he hellbent on ruining baseball so he can cater to people that don't even like it? Yay blernsball.
  15. Margo McCready

    Braves or Red Sox?

    My father was a die-hard Braves fan since they were in Boston and remains one to this day. He's always been bitter toward the Red Sox since it was his beloved Braves that left town. He would never pass up an opportunity to trash the Red Sox to my brothers and me. This only cemented our undying...
  16. Margo McCready

    Pitching Depth

    But Price and Lackey make it tough for him and we shouldn't push our luck giving Pomeranz another chance to be a 4-win pitcher.
  17. Margo McCready

    The 2018 Lineup

    Mookie rf Beni lf Xander ss JD dh Devers 3b Hanley 1b JBJ cf Vasquez c Nunez 2b I would go with this same lineup regardless of pitcher handedness when all the regulars are starting.
  18. Margo McCready


    I'll be rooting for the Dodgers in this one. A friend of mine's recently passed father pitched for them in the '77 and '78 World Series. I think it will bring him some good memories if they can win it this year.