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    Every Which Way but (our) East - The Rest of the First Round

    Just got home from the game. MacKinnon’s acceleration is unreal and Makar is sooo smooth.
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    Arsenal 2013-2014: Insufferable & Unsuccessful -- And Worse than Chelsea

    I wouldn't say Wilshere played like shit, but he does need to simplify his game a little right now.  Ideally, he's part of a 3 men for 2 spots rotation at the base of the midfield with Arteta and Flamini, with Ozil and Ramsey playing farther up the pitch.   And you're right: put Rosicky or...
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    Real Madrid: The post-Mourinho era

    I actually don't strongly disagree with any of this. I just happen to think that there is a not far-fetched argument that selling Ozil fits into Madrid's on-field strategy pretty well, even if the likely result is that they have some trouble breaking down packed-in defenses as a result of it.  ...
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    Real Madrid: The post-Mourinho era

    You're right on both counts: Ozil has played a key role in Madrid's counterattacking the last few years and a strong counterattack doesn't occur because a deeplying midfielder boots the ball upfield.  But neither of those points detracts from my argument.   Anyone who claims that Xabi Alonso...
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    Real Madrid: The post-Mourinho era

    While caveating this by acknowledging that Ozil is a very talented player, I wonder whether there isn't more sense to moving him than is immediately apparent.   Madrid now has 4 of the most highly talented, creative and athletic attacking midfielders/wingers in the world (Ronaldo, Bale, di Maria...