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    RIP Bill Campbell

    He was overused in 1976 as well, by the Twins. Agree re: Don Zimmer, though.
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    Poll: Who Will Play the Most Games at Shortstop for the '23 Red Sox?

    I also suggested Segura in the 2023 thread. Seems like the sensible solution after the X debacle.
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    What does 2023 look like?

    How about Jean Segura x 2 yrs for 2B, move Story to SS...then hopefully back to 2B when Mayer takes over for Segura. Would leave money for Senga and a Devers extension.
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    We may see him sooner rather than later.
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    X Leaves the Spot for San Diego: 11 years, $280M

    At least speaking for myself, the anger is more over the failure to offer something like 5/150 or 6/160 during this past season.
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    Poll: Grade the Masataka Yoshida Signing

    Fairly high risk of Rusney 2.0, but given the AL East landscape and limited alternatives, Bloom et al need to take some gambles to have a reasonable shot at contending now, and this move does not cost prospect capital.
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    Red Sox Rumors - Just Kidding

    Perhaps Boras was implying that he would not disclose the details of an attractive offer from another team, but would say “make your last best offer,” with the hope that the Red Sox would exceed the one in hand by a significant margin; not just match or barely top it. Rather like a bidding war...
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    Red Sox sign P Chris Martin

    So an aging but good setup man with an excellent K/BB ratio. At least this time we didn’t have to give up Jeff Bagwell.
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    Bellinger, Benintendi, or Gallo?

    As much as I admired JBJ 2015-2020, I find it hard to believe that in 2023 he will be better than Benintendi who, as others have pointed out, has a higher floor than all of these guys. It would mean Verdugo in RF, however, unless he is replaced.
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    Gitter done, Theo: let's put all our dumb I mean brilliant trade suggestions in this thread

    Trevor Story for Mookie Betts. Resign Xander. Play Arroyo at 2B until Mayer is ready, then move Xander to 2B.
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    What are your best offers to Devers and Bogaerts?

    X: 6/168. Maybe a bit higher, more out of sentimentality than reason. Devers…worries me a bit. If a relatively minor hamstring injury derails him to the point of what we saw in the second half of this season, at what should be the peak of his career, I am concerned that such stretches will...
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    Stars that faded away...

    I dimly recall that Jack McDowell did have some sort of injury, a hip (lambrum?) perhaps?
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    What does 2023 look like?

    Story worries me. Exiting his prime years, chronic elbow problem, has trouble with good fastballs, high K rate, large platoon split…how much better than Arroyo is he at this point? Perhaps he is less injury prone (elbow notwithstanding), and he is faster, but otherwise their skill sets seem to...
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    Fernando Tatis Jr. signs 14 year, 340M extension

    Not to mention shoulder surgery, wrist surgery, missing an entire year…no way would I take that risk.
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    Greatest RH hitter in MLB history

    Shorter career, in part because of WW II, but how about honorable mention to Hank Greenberg? .313/.412/.605/1.017, OPS+ 159. “Only” 6098 PA though.
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    Stars that faded away...

    This thread is the perfect prelude to the impending hot stove clamor about signing age 29/30 stars to lucrative long term contracts.
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    Stars that faded away...

    Dale Murphy comes to mind immediately when thinking of cautionary tales for Mike Trout. Trout’s peak has been a bit better and started earlier (in part because the Braves messed around with Murphy at C for a while), but still.
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    Stars that faded away...

    Jones’s last season as a full time CF was at age 30 (if he really was 30), which seems awfully young for a borderline HOF-Er. He did have a bit of a bounce back as a lefty-mashing corner outfielder/DH at 33/34, but even then it seemed strange that he was not considered playable in CF anymore.
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    Stars that faded away...

    Andruw Jones. Jose Rijo and Brandon Webb had major injuries.
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    Cora - Yay or Nay for 2023?

    I voted would/yes but share the concerns eloquently expressed by Rovin Romine et al about the team’s general approach to hitting this year (and last). Not enough walks, too much chasing outside the zone. I don’t know how much Cora is to blame for this, but the organization needs to re-examine at...