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  1. teddykgb

    The way too early January 2023 Transfer Window Thread

    If Enzo is worth over 100 million anyone with a young promising midfielder should hold out for more. Imagine the uproar if City were spending like this? Boehly has completely blown the market and Brighton should probably be looking for 100
  2. teddykgb

    1/28 @FLA: All Barkov, No Bite

    How long have Nesn been replacing the ad boards in the arena with local advertising and I’ve just not noticed?
  3. teddykgb

    1/27 - 1/30: FA Cup Weekend

    Don’t feel great after that win. Every team who sits off and man marks KDb basically shuts us down now but I didn’t expect Arsenal to play the tactic. City are outright boring right now and there’s no way we match any long run of wins by Arsenal if we can’t find a way to play through the...
  4. teddykgb

    Joe Mazzulla, come on down.

    Even if that was the right choice, and in my opinion it wasn’t, he needed to call one when Tatum waved away the screen. Whatever “play” they were running was already dead and they needed to organize and run something quickly that would get a shot away. The double was cemented and Tatum was in...
  5. teddykgb

    1/24 730 EST (TNT) Lets beat feet, but first let's yeet the Heat.

    Losing is fine but the lack of timeout at the end was boneheaded. I had said this before the season but I worry about Mazzulla in the playoffs. The continuity got us off to a great start but in a series against a good coach there’s a lot of adjustments and in game management to be done and we...
  6. teddykgb

    Everton 22-23: So Long Frank Lam Pard

    The downside is that managers from the Old Firm just aren’t dealing with the realities of a relegation scrap. They aren’t coming from rich clubs by any modern standard but getting Everton to play good enough football to avoid the drop is very different from managing the best talent in your...
  7. teddykgb

    1/21 to 1/23 Gamethread

    Plus with the prem refs both sports suffer from their fans wondering if they’re faked or not
  8. teddykgb

    1/21 to 1/23 Gamethread

    United man marked KDB and the wingers didn’t make them pay. It still took the mother of all bullshit decisions to turn that around. City aren’t flying but having Mahrez find some form has improved a lot. Grealish being more or less useless has really hurt as Foden has disappeared from Peps...
  9. teddykgb

    1/21/23 Celtics @ Raptors: Boston's Ford Hit the First Trey, Toronto's Ford Hit the Bad Yay

    Eyes said travel they tend to call it a jump as a middle ground but in this case I think it was neither
  10. teddykgb

    1/6- 1/8: FA Cup & misc game thread

    Cancelo doesn’t belong he’s been awful since the WC and was only Ok before. It’s a problem position in the entire league really and a lot of rotation. In reality few City players belong this year but Rodri would be one of them. I also think probably Joelinton and Guimaraes belong as Newcastle...
  11. teddykgb

    1/6- 1/8: FA Cup & misc game thread

    The team of the season so far is basically all Arsenal players. They’ve been phenomenal. I think you can argue for xhaka and Partey. Martinelli for sure. Ramsdale. They’re dominating teams. Almiron belongs. Kane or Toney or both. Rodri has been better than Casemiro. I think Salah still...
  12. teddykgb

    1/6- 1/8: FA Cup & misc game thread

    Thought that was the best we have looked in a long long time 1st half and we ended it 0-2 after Ederson went full lobotomy Scored more 2nd half but while not perfect there was way more attacking intent and very little of the dreaded umbrella so even if the result hadn’t flipped I’d have been...
  13. teddykgb

    Spurs 22/23: You get a transfer, and you get a transfer, and you get a transfer...

    Well good news is you have City next and at this point I just write off 4/5 points a season against Spurs you’re always crazy fired up for it and have the player to do us on the counter. And we are in atrocious form.
  14. teddykgb

    Match week 20: Derby Days and Relegation Battles

    I’m going to go about my day so last post on that farce of a decision but what now needs to happen is that a defender who sees a ball like that played has to go scythe down the attacker who is carrying but simultaneously not carrying the ball so that the offside can be called
  15. teddykgb

    Match week 20: Derby Days and Relegation Battles

    He was not in any way consistent on fouls. My team is playing awful slow football so in a karmic sense we deserve what we are getting for points but Malacia ran through the back of Mahrez 4 times without even a card shown. fernandes got away with an extremely late sliding tackle without even a...
  16. teddykgb

    Match week 20: Derby Days and Relegation Battles

    Yeah he also had to ignore Casemiro and Malacia all over the pitch he was a real triple threat
  17. teddykgb

    Match week 20: Derby Days and Relegation Battles

    It’s been a while. Wonder what Atwell cost for this one.